Today is bum. I just feel…horrible. I woke up this morning all nice and warm thinking it was Saturday. Then I realised it wasn’t, and I had to get up. I hate that.
Today, I only have one lesson, so I am getting in some much needed work on a portfolio that has to be in on Monday.

Tonight Derren Brown is on =o) I’m holding on to that thought.

Edit: I’m going to write more, just because i’m not really in the mood for doing any work right now. I have to write about mental allertness and interest in life, HAH, right now I have neither of them…
Just been to see a teacher, i’ve been avoiding her for ages because I haven’t handed in a Unit that was meant to be in like a month ago. She was alright about it. I still need to actually finish it though. It’s going to be a busy weekend.
It was my best friends birthday yesterday. I haven’t even contacted her. I haven’t got any credit, but that’s no excuse.
I’ll buy her present on Monday when I get paid, I think she’ll like it.
Somebody email me.
I have camping eyes =o(


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