I’m getting really into the Manic Street Preachers at the moment, just the music but the actual story behind the band. And it’s such a story…
The way they grew up together was lovely, whilst everyone else was out getting pissed on a Friday night, they were all sat in James’ bedroom listening to music or talking about politics. It showed aswell, really intelligent Richey got straight A’s in all his exams.
It’s such a shame about him, though I can completly…not understand…but emphathise? (I don’t completly understand the meaning of that word yet, even though I had to write 2 damn A4 pages on the meaning).
I think all of us at one time in our life have wished we could just escape from it all, and i’ve never had problems as bad as his were. It’s a shame he left, but it’s up to him really.
That’s if he really has left, in one of the books i’ve read some guy was saying that if he had jumped in the river, he could easily have been washing into the see, down to the seabed never to be seen again.

I hope he’s alive and well though =o)


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