Oh yes, excitement is within me, for I am a child with a new toy!
Today I have started using my new phone (which I haven’t paid for yet…but I haven’t exactly paid for my bass either…and i’m using that…)
A samsung D600 I think, lovely. Although I am bound to be found out sooner or later, as a few weeks ago I was telling my boyfriend “I don’t think i’d ever have anything other than a Sony Ericsson…”

But hey! It’s £20! I’m not going to refuse!
I’ve had my previous phone for three years, it still works perfectly, but the lack of new features was annoying me a bit. The camera wasn’t brilliant (though good for it’s time), there was a lack of blu-tooth and you couldn’t even re-name the pictures. But it is going to a much deserving person, my mum, who I know will look after it well.

Have also found out the Stereophonics tickets for Llandudno are sold out, so even though it cost a bloody bomb, i’m glad I pre-ordered.
Oh I am in a good mood.


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