Right now I am so tired. So tired. I got woken up this morning at eight O’Clock (which is early for me) by my mobile phone telling me about something that isn’t even happening until tomorrow.
I have done nothing all day but watch morning television and then go and sit in a chair for three hours getting my hair done, and yet right now I am so tempted to just lift myself out of this chair and fling myself onto the bed, never to be seen again.
But that would be a shame because a while ago I started reading the blog of Dave Gorman, and I always have a habit of reading back dated posts from years ago, so right now I am onto August 2006. Luckily i’ve read the latest few pages of this year so I needn’t be bothered with them.

I have coffee brewing downstairs. Strong coffee (maybe black?) which will hopefully wake me up from this dazed, can-hardely-keep-my-eyes-open state.


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