Ol’ Mr Jones

The question of the week on b3ta about rebellious things you’ve done reminded me of this:

In my old form class at school the tutor used to sit at a desk underneath a big whiteboard.
One day my friend turned to me and said “wouldn’t it be funny if someone wrote ‘stupid’ above him?” and I agreed, yes, it would.

So we told our plan to a friend across the room. After about five minutes she piped up with “Sir, can you help me with something?” he went over and answered her question about something obscure that she’d thought up on the spur of the moment and my friend went over and wrote ‘stupid’ with an arrow facing downwards.

The tutur then went and sat back down at his desk. GOD KNOWS how he didn’t see it. The class just sat there giggling for the rest of the lesson. Apparently when he found out he was ‘very upset’.

Oh, and here’s the evidence:

Once we found out how to change our backgrounds on the school computers, we soon changed it to the picture above. That was untill my I.T teacher told us it “wasn’t very nice”.


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