The trouble with dogs…

Many, many times I have attempted buying pet insurance for my dog. It’s one of those things that you know you should have, and when you talk about it say “Yes, I must get it, because an accident could easily happen” but as soon as you attempt to scour the internet, give up because it’s just too hard.

So anyway, today I visited some relavtives to see their new puppy. This big munter:

And talk came to insurance. I felt guilty. I’ve had my dog for six years and haven’t got any yet. Even when she used to run home crossing busy main roads to get away from dogs that barely went past her knee. Do dogs have knees?

So anyhoo, I have looked around and found a pretty good deal from a leading supermarket. All I have to do now is ask my kind but bad mooded father for his credit card details. If he declines i’ll just give him the old “fine, just wait untill she runs home across a road and gets hit and DIES”. It’s harsh but it works.

And just for the ‘awh’ factor, here is my doggy:


One Response

  1. Awe…….what a cute baby! Your child of fur is absolutely the cutest. Is your doggy a Border Collie or McNabb.

    My two children with fur, Murphy & Elle send wet slobbery kisses. 🙂

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