The Myspace Generation

Like the most of the Western world, I am a slave to the profile site. It all started when an unknown person added me to an instant messaging service and asked if I was off Facewhore. Facewhore? I didn’t know what it was but it sounded good. I managed to find the site and joined up immediatly, where I spent a good part of 3 years through name changes and feature changes. Unfortunatly the site has…well…crumbled?
During this time however I heard of Myspace. I didn’t join immediatly but when I did…I did it for good. It’s something I check regularly along with my email, blogs and YouTube.

Anyway. I started getting emails from people saying “i’ve added you on Facebook!”. To me though, Facebook was just another low-budget, annoying “Hi-5” or “qxqxrswq” or whatever that one is, so I didn’t join.

UNTIL it was on Richard and Judy and the guests present were praising that thing as if it was the next Jesus. So after 50, 000 atempts (due to the fact my school isn’t on the list and you have to be 18 to join – and I fall a year short) I finally managed to get in.

I don’t know why I bothered. It’s annoying beyond belief. Everything from the layout, the features, the lack of customisation.
The annoying this is the fact you have to  add things. If you want to be able to  use this, you have to add it to your already complicated profile. And when you do add it, it asks: “Allow this application to… Know who I am and access my information?” Call me paranoid, but that question doesn’t exactly make me feel safe and secure. Also, to log in you have to provide your email address AND your password to that email address.

So. Sorry Facebook. You’re shit, I hate you and i’m leaving.


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