Intelligence and Money.

So, just thought i’d talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while now.
When I was year nine or ten at school I used to have that one teacher in the school that NOBODY liked and tried their best to wind up.
She used to say to use every ten minutes “This is NOT rehearsal! This is real life!”
None of us listened to her of course, as we just all thought she was a mental, which was proven later on as she smacked one of her pupils over the head.

Anyway. Lately i’ve really been embracing learning in a big way, i’ve started to read ‘proper’ books, ‘proper’ newspapers and ‘proper’ news articals on the web, even about politics. And it’s dawned on me now that THIS is when I want to learn. If I could go back and re-do highschool i’d be sorted. I’d actualy get A grades rather than B’s or C’s (and the one F) which I get now.

I’ve got another chance though. Today I got my letter from college (at last) and i’ve got an interview. This time I will work hard, and i’ll be doing subjects I actually want to do.

Lets just hope the booze and pot don’t get in the way too much.


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