Text an answer, recieve a reply!

So, today I am EXTREMLY nackered. I’d tell you why but it’s a long, pointless and quite frankly boring story.

Anyway, last night I was lying in bed listening to the Ricky Gervais Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas podcasts (again, I highly recommend you listen to these, they’re brilliant) and Stephen Merchant talking about a number you can text any question to and you will recieve a reply in about three minutes. So I tried it. I asked if when deaf people think do they hear a voice in their head. This is the reply I got: “Recent research suggests that deaf people have inner voice than enables them to process words and symbols. It often manifests itself in other senses.”

Quite whether that answers my question I don’t know, because I said i’m absolutly nackered and can’t even think straight.

Anyway, the number is 63336 and it only costed 20p for me to text (i’m on Vodafone) and I think it’s well worth it. Right now i’m just trying to think of those questions that you can’t make up, but just come to you one day and you really want to know the answer to.

The website is here and it says you can get one question for free.

EDIT: I just found this on the website: “Text messages to 63336 cost £1 in the UK. Text messages to 57275 cost €2 in Ireland. All prices include VAT and there are no other hidden charges.”

Turns out the lack of sleep doesn’t help my lack of mathematic skills.


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