MY top ten (plus) guys [revisited]

[This has been one of my most popular posts in term of visitors. However as it was written some time ago my tastes have changed somewhat (especially as i’m slightly fickle). So i’ve decided to re-write it, including new people and losing some others]

Reading a post on How Good is This? (RIP) has inspired me to draw up my own top ten (though it might get longer – no pun intended) list of people I find…well…attractive…

Matt Berry


He’s starred in things like The Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, but he’s also very musical and has released his own albums.
I first thought he was lovely as Todd Rivers in Dark Place, but back then it was hard to find any pictures of him. He then went on to star in the Boosh as Dixon Bainbridge and Snuff Box with Rich Fulcher who’s brilliant (but won’t be appearing in this list).

Derren Brown

I am a huge, huge fan of Derren and go and see his stage shows regularly (i’ve also met him three times *smug grin*) and he does in my opinion have good looks, as well as a undeniable stage presence.

I can’t remember when I started watching his Channel 4 shows, but it’s been love ever since. I am also very gratefull that with his fame he’s still a lovely charming guy, which means that each year he’s very nice at our meeting. His sexuality to me, is irrelevant to this post.

Flight of the Conchords

Not only is their TV programme extremely funny, but they are extremely good looking.
I’m being greedy and listing both of them, but my favourite is definitely Jermaine (on the right).
Oh, and yes, their New Zealand accent is certainly a plus.

Josh Homme

Once known as the famous person I most wanted to shag, he’s gradually moved lower down the list due to the introduction of Biffy Clyro and many other factors. I do still find him very sexy though, especially the hair, and Queens of the Stone Age are still one my my favourite bands.

Biffy Clyro

I wasn’t sure wether or not to post each of the three members seperatly, but as I think they’re all pretty fit I thought I might as well save room and post them as a job lot.
Simon Neil (middle) is lead guitar and vocals, who I was totally smitten with until I found out he was engaged, which kind of took the excitment out of a little bit. I do still think he is undescribably sexy though, due to his hairyness, voice and tattoo’s. He’s got the most lovliest cheeky smile.
Ben Johnston (right) plays drums, and even though i’m really not a fan of shaven heads, I am a big fan of ginger hair, which is why he is also on my list of lovelies. The fact that he has muscly drummer arms helps a bit too.
I should also mention that their lovely Scottish accent is another reason why they’re on the list, as I am a big fan of accents.
And of course they’re one of my most favourite bands, which I have my boyfriend and a free HMV CD to thank for. I was lucky to get to see the Biff live a few months ago, got right to the front doncha know.
And lastly the bassist James Johnston (left). James and Ben are twins! Which probably explains why I think they’re both a bit fit.
I like James the most out of all three, I think because of the hair and because of the fact that he is the bassist, and as we all know the bassist is the fittest member of any band by default. If you look at the post before this one, you’ll see how I got to live out my fantasties via a PC role playing game.

Rhod Gilbert

My Dad listens to his show every Saturday on BBC Radio Wales, which is how I got to know about him. He’s also done a few guest appearances on Mock The Week, and has taken part in 2008’s Big Welsh Challenge. With his booming voice, he is lovely and very gorgeous.

Gruff Rhys

Just because of everything. The hair, the face, the voice, the accent. HE IS LOVELY.
I’ve liked Super Furry Animals for quite a while, however I would have started listening to them a lot sooner had I realised how fit the singer was. And he’s from Bangor, which is only about an hour away from me. Unfortunatly he now lives in Cardiff, oh well, I can dream.

 Kelly Jones

Stereophonics are my most favourite band of all time, so it’s only natural that I put their front man at number one, not just because I admire him as a guitar player, script writer and lyricist, but because he is very good looking.
I first started liking Stereophonics when I saw them on TV at Glastonbury in 2002, my admiration for them grew and grew, and I never fail to buy an album or single on the day of it’s release.
I’ve stuck with them through a member departure, changes in musical direction and solo albums, and best of all, they’ve got an album coming out in October.
Kelly is known for his gravely voice (which I think is amazing) and changes in hairstyle, and of course him being a fellow sheepshagger helps.




7 Responses

  1. Okay you guys are way ahead of me. Let me to my top ten men of the US on my blog.

    Working on it right now.

    Well done Lucy! 🙂

  2. MMMMMmmmmm. You have great taste. Especially the delectable James May.

  3. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptObviously I first saw him on Top Gear, and I also occassionally watch him in Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure. I’d explain why he’s lovely but I don’t think I need to. It’s obvious. He’s just…lovely. The other two presenters of Top Gear … […]

  4. *ahem* where am I in the list? pfffffft *spanks Lucy*

  5. […] Instead of doing a new blog entry i’ve decided to just update an old one (with extra Rhod […]

  6. Nice choices with Homme & the Johnston twins. I fancy them both like mad. Ben has one of those smiles that make you melt.

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