The Sims

A few years ago I saw my brother playing a new computer game, I had a go myself and got totally hooked, so did my friends, and we used to spend hours creating and controlling families on The Sims.
I was SO excited when I found out about the Sims 2 and bought it on the day of release, but lately i’ve noticed a few things I don’t particularly like.

When The Sims was out, you could easily visit the homepage where new objects were uploaded daily for you to download for free, but now EA Games has taken to releasing several add-on packs that you can buy instead of the online downloads, the latest, H&M fashion stuff I was VERY disapointed with.

Not happy with the original game plus add-on packs, they’ve also decided to to release several mini games such as The Sims Life Stories, Mysim and now The Sims on stage, which I do not see the point in at all.

I have found out the Sims 3 will be out 2009. Of course I’m going to buy it. Well, i’ll get Lewys to.


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