Indie Pen Dance

Six weeks ago my mum and dad were booking a holiday abroad, they asked me if I wanted to come and I said no, just because last time I went it was fucking boring.
Since then they’ve been listing all the things i’m going to have to do since they’re gone, I just kind of said “Yeah, yeah…” whilst trying to hear what was on the TV.

About half an hour ago they left. I’m fucked.

The longest time i’ve been home without them is a week. This is two weeks.
They’ve left notes all over the house reminding me and my brothers of what to do, but it’s only just occurred to me that I will have to do them.
I’m now going to list all the things I will have to do which normally gets done for me:

1. Wake myself up for College
2. Feed the fish
3. Get my lunch ready for College
4. Leave the house for College at the right time
5. Make my tea
6. Feed the dog
7. Feed the tortoise
8. Turn on the dishwasher
9. Wash clothes
10. Put clothes on washing line
11. Iron clothes
12. Get the milk in off the doorstep
13. Put the empty milk bottles out again
14. Empty all the bins
15. Make sure I put the bins out on the right day
16. Make sure I put the recycling out on the right day
17. Put everything in it’s right recyling box (I forgot to ask the parents about this, I have no idea what goes where)

Ah well. I don’t think i’ll think too much about this at the moment. I think i’ll just crack open the beer and get my friends round a.s.ap. Drinking is one thing I don’t need to be told how to do…


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