The world is flat?

Today I learnt that the world…..get ready….the world MIGHT BE FLAT.

Basically, during a pretty average Psychology lesson, my tutor told us about the Flat Earth Society and their beliefs. She told us to imagine that she was from the Flat Earth to Society, and we should tell her why her beliefs are wrong.

This is easy, I thought. Everyone knows the world is round. When you see pictures from space, the earth is round. Globes are round. The world is round!!
So when it was my turn to tell her why she was wrong, what could I say? She’d already explained the curvature of the Earth by the fact that it’s in some kind of rounded disc shape. She explained that when in Space we only see one side of the earth at any one time, so how do we know the Earth is actually round?

No, really, how do we know the Earth is round?

You can’t leave me with no proven answer, YOU CAN’T!


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