So last week I got the second freeview box installed into my bedroom. The first one only showed one Channel. BBC3. This means I was forced to either watch Little Britain or Catherine Tate. And not much else.

The other night I was lying in bed flicking through the channels, I decided to have a crafty look on Dave to see if any QI was on.  There was! Loads of them! So happily, I snuggled down into my bed dreaming of what life would be like if I was 30 years older and Stephen Fry was another way inclined.
After three episodes though, something jolted me out of my little dream world. Dogs fucking. Hadn’t I heard that they get stuck together before? Yes. About two episodes before. Turns out they were only showing three episodes on loop. I found something else to watch.

Last night the same thing happened. I noticed that it was “Bottom” weekend. Great! Only a few weeks before I was thinking about buying the DVD’s, now I wouldn’t have to! I obviously hadn’t learnt my lesson. They were only showing three episodes on loop. And after hearing Phil Jupitus announce that tonight Rich would be looking for sex, I can only persume it will be the same three episodes on tonight. Either that or they’re running out of ideas for story lines and repeating them.


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