Most of my day today has been alright, but then for some reason I suddenly became a bit grumpy and began moaning about everything. I’m going to recap my day and try and figure out what it was that triggered this.

Morning –
Woke up at 7:30, warm and happy. I knew I didn’t have to get up untill 9:30 so I dozed.
9 O clock and I wake and count the next 30 minutes. I look forward to hearing my new alarm sound. The alarm goes off but silently. I’m glad I woke up early, but also pissed off it didn’t go off. I get out of my nice warm bed and get dressed, can’t remember what I watched on TV.
I go down and have a tuna toastie, I leave the house at 10:45 and make my way to College listening to my Rage Against the Machine CD that I downloaded.

Have to sit next to older woman who I don’t know, she shows me all her sheets so I copy up what I missed, I didn’t even have to ask. We’re learning about Memory. It’s fucking hard. So many long words I don’t understand. I feel pissed off that I missed the last lesson through being lazy and lying in bed.

I have an hour break so I go up to the computer room. I can’t sit at my usual computer. I sit my a group of really annoying girls who talk shit. I try to find out why I can’t open the MMS on my phone. I look through various forums, eventually finding out that the Samsung website will send me details to make my GPRS and WAP work. I enter the details, WAP still doesn’t work. MMS doesn’t come through. Before long the hour is up. I walk to Sociology.

I sit next to Sarah (as usual). I can’t have a proper conversation with her. I’m told our 3/5000 word essay is in for that day. I haven’t done it. We watch a vague film about Child Abuse. I didn’t like the way it didn’t go into detail.
The class sit in silence afterward. Tutor asks what we think, everyone says the usual things “it’s bad”. She thinks it’s because we’re traumatised. It’s not, it’s just that nobody can really elaborate on “it’s bad.”
The next hour or so is spent in silence, with one person saying a few words every two minutes. It’s awkward. We do a bit of work and then talk about Sex Offenders Register and stuff like that. I walk home.

I feel like I need a shower. I try to watch Deal or No Deal but the woman used a Crystal Ball and I hate people like that. She went away with £10.
I have a shower. It’s not nearly powerfull enough.
A woman with a fat dog is on TV, I moan in my head about how I fucking hate people like that.
I can’t watch Paul O Grady, it was all musicals and stuff and that pisses me off. I hate stuff like that.
I can’t watch Hollyoaks, it was shit. I read someone’s blog, it pisses me off. I don’t know what to do.
I start watching Children in Need but it’s all full of minor celebrities being applauded for being shit singers. I turn off.

Sitting here thinking about recent things again. I don’t know what to do. Again. My hair is rubbish. Tomorrow i’m doing nothing.


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