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So my internet seems to be working a bit better today so i’ll attempt a blog entry.

So my week’s been pretty bland. On Monday I didn’t get paid my EMA but I found out it’s ‘cos I haven’t signed a learning agreement thing.
On Tuesday my Welsh Bacc teacher told me that I can do the enterprise thing next year because STUPIDLY I got the wrong day. And I made an appointment with the EMA lady to sign that thing.
Wednesday I attempted tidying my room, it looks a bit better. I did a Sociology essay i’ve been putting off for ages.
Yesterday I was meant to go out but I didn’t get any texts or phonecalls so I assumed it was off. I missed you, a lot. Hence the text asking about Saturday. You didn’t seem that happy or whatever in your reply, I dunno. We don’t have to meet up if you don’t want to. I can understand if you don’t.
Today I didn’t bother going to Psychology this morning ‘cos some work is meant to be handed in and I haven’t done it. Right now i’m sitting here, cold. I need to get dressed but I can’t be bothered. I’ve got Sociology at 2.

So i’m looking for Christmas presents, I know what i’m getting Mum and Gaz, Jess and Becky’s presents won’t be difficult, just get them something from Ann Summers and they’ll be happy.


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