So last night I recieved some news about a friend.
I have known that friend on and off for over a year, and since the very beginning have had my doubts about them.
I knew there was something not quite right, and yes, as I had no evidence I was forced to bury these feelings and not let it get in the way, as that just wouldn’t be fair.
However, a few months ago I slowly began to believe that this person was for real, and actually started feeling bad for misjudging them. I had no reason not to get along with them.

Last night though my worst feelings were confirmed. I was some news about this friend which suddenly made the last few months so much clearer.
My concerns wern’t unfounded, they were right.

Yeah, at the start I didn’t have any evidence to confront this person, but at the same time I had no reason to trust them either.

Basically i’ve learnt a big lesson. If you really do have a lot of doubts about someone, then those doubts are there for a reason. You really should get to know people better before trusting them, i’m just glad that I found out sooner rather than later before I got too involved.


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