So in the past week or so, almost everyday i’ve had to go out for some reason or other, either to town to buy Christmas presents or just for a long walk with my family.
Each time i’ve had to wrap up in a massive coat, scarf and mittens. And even that isn’t enough to keep out the freezing cold.
This has led me to wonder – all those people who claim to like Winter, what the hell is there to like about it?
How can anybody enjoy waking up in the morning absolutly freezing cold, not being able to get back to sleep through shivering.
I remember someone from school who used to tell me that she loved being able to wrap up warm in front of the fire. But what about when you have to leave the fire? Walking around Llandudno with a radiator stuck to you would get you some funny looks.

I hate Winter. I hate every aspect of Winter. Not just the temperature, but the fact that it starts going Dark at 4 PM.
But despite this, i’m not claiming to have tha S.A.D that everybody else is claiming to have.
Personaly I don’t believe in this disorder. Why? Because Winter annoys loads of people.
It’s a scientific fact that human beings respond better to light and warmth than the dark and cold. We don’t need a so called “disorder” to know this, that was only invented so that people could tell others that they’re effected way more than everyone else because they have “special condition.”

But no matter how much I hate Winter, there is something I love about it.
Christmas? Nah. Snow? Not really.
The fact is, I like Winter because it makes me realise that I only have to go through a few more British Winters before i’m able to spend my Christmas day in a T-shirt somewhere else.


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