Compulsory Christmas

Of course I enjoy Christmas, I love the excitment I still get the night before (despite my attempts to suppress it) and the fact that it’s the only time of the year when the whole family is sat around the table at once.

But lately my thoughts on religious beliefs have become a lot clearer and solid.
I am 100% an Athiest, I cannot see the logic in religious belief and my opinion religious believers are that they are far too suggestible.
Obviously religion and Christmas are entwined (Christmas is NOT Santas birthday) so I have mixed feelings on the seasonal celebration.

I do feel guilty. Christmas is meant to be a time to celebrate the birth of “Jesus Christ” and seeing as I don’t believe in this I simply shouldn’t celebrate it.
But of course i’m in it for the reasons that a lot of other Britions are in it for.
The shallow commercialism. I like having one special day that I can be excited about. And yes, I love the giving and getting of gifts.

So I guess even though I feel guilty about Celebrating Christmas, I should just keep in mind that a lot of other people in the UK are also participating in this great, big, massive, expensive, exciting scam.


One Response

  1. I feel EXACTLY the same about christmas. I feel guilty for not being a christian and celebrating it for the real reasons. But I actually love buying people gifts and getting them, aswell as being together with my family.
    It’s nice knowing that I’m not the only one who feels guilty!

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