More of the same.

Today is just the same, but again.
I hate posting entries about my private life and how i’m feeling, because I know it can’t be interesting for other people to read, but it helps me clarify how i’m feeling and what i’m thinking.

Today was my first day back at College, it was pretty hard to concentrate. I found myself constantly slipping into a world of my own, thinking things over in my head, then suddenly snapping myself into reality and trying to occupy my mind with something else, just to keep these thoughts from my mind for just a few minutes.

I keep going through different emotions. Sympathy and sadness, then anger and disgust.
I feel stupid writing this.  I haven’t gone through half as much as some people in this situation have and yet i’m all “woe is me.”

I don’t know. Tomorrow I have a day off so i’m going to go window shopping to occupy myself and keep my mind of other things. Not for long, probably.


One Response

  1. Lucy honey if tommorrow is your day off come see me for hugs and a cuppa and a chat and we’ll watch some stupid film or something. You know you are welcome here anytime x x x x

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