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Summer 2008

So after a thoroughly shitty few months, today I started looking forward to the future (June/July to be precise).  Here’s why:

I love the summer just because it’s good how great the sun can improve an otherwise Sunny day. I can think of very few fun days out i’ve had with friends in the rain, yet many sitting in parks or walking through town while the sun is out.

My brand new neice/nephew should be arriving in June sometime. I can’t wait to start taking it to McDonalds and forgetting about it and leaving it there.

Most people who know me know that I have a weird likeness of Animal Park on BBC2. It is basically a documentary filmed at Longleat Safari Park.
I shall be visiting it for the first time in June as a late Birthday present. You all fucking know i’m going to meet keeper Mark Tye.


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