Supply and Demand

Since series 8 of Animal Park has appeared on BBC2, demand for information and pictures of Head of Lake Animals Mark Tye has increased.
Why? Because he clearly cares for the animals? Maybe.
Because you see he loves his job? Perhaps.
Because he is the sexiest keeper in the whole of Longleat? YES!

So I have taken it upon myself to create this: Keeper Mark Tye Appreciation Society on Facebook…with pictures!!!


One Response

  1. i’m just back from my very first visit to longleat and gotta say was AMAZIN!!! met lady bath and saw loadsa cool animals, keepers n folk off the telly but without doubt the highlight for me was getting a HUUUUUUUUUGE big cheesy grin from sexy mark as he went past me in his jeep. i was only about a foot away from him and he is even lovelier close up 🙂

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