Recent happenings

Not much has happened regarding the Weekend. I spent Friday with my friends, I wasn’t really in the mood for drinking, but we watched some films, one of which was I am Legend, starring Will Smith.

At first I wasn’t too impressed, it was a little too much like 28 Days Later for my liking, and I didn’t really understand why he was on his own in the first place, but that could have been because I was too busy messing about with some whips, chains and handcuffs and didn’t really watch the beginning (but that’s another story…)

However it soon began to grow on me, especially with the introduction of the dog, Sam. Any film about a dog that could quite possibly be killed brings tears to my eyes.

The love story however, I didn’t really care about. Or want. In my opinion far too many films have an unnecessary love story. It seems almost compulsory.
I want my chick-flicks to have love stories and my “whole-world-is-dead” films to have lots of killings and dog-loving. And no love story.

Plus they didn’t really elaborate on where that particular woman and her kid came from. One minute they weren’t there and the next they were, using only “we heard your radio transmission” as as explanation. That’s just not good enough.

But still, it’s a good film. Although I would have changed the outcome of poor Sam. I would have even accepted the unlikely event of it all being just a dream.

Recommended listening: Super Furry Animals – Night Vision


2 Responses

  1. I agree with you…the film was kinda strange. So much of it was unexpected…

  2. there was a love story? I think I missed that one…

    *grins* you liked my little toys huh? XD

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