It’s recently become apparent to me that I’m gradually starting to lose interest in television.
While people in the UK now watch any old shite that is broadcast on their screens (i’m talking so called “talent” “reality” TV shows) I struggle to find anything good at all.

Even shows that I used to enjoy, such as Top Gear, I now can’t bare to watch. It’s meant to be a factual programme about Motor vehicals. I think we can safely say it’s moved away from that somewhat.

But then again, it’s hardly suprising that I can’t find anything interesting as all the programmes I like either get axed or moved to Sky TV.
I used to love Lost, but that got moved to Sky, I now have to get someone to video tape it for me which is nothing short of a pain in the arse.
I pissed myself with excitement every time Animal Park came on BBC2, but half-way through the latest series it disappeared and only repeats are being shown.

And don’t get me started on repeats. I was one of the millions of people that was quite upset whilst watching the very last episode of Friends. Little did I know that I’d be able to pop over to E4 anytime of the day or night to see it again. Well, as a long as Big Brother’s Little Brother’s Big Mouth Diary Room Uncut Behind the Scenes the Aftermath wasn’t on.

Channel 4 used to be full of great comedy on Friday nights. Now they just can’t be bothered making an effort and instead just stick on a film that has be aired to death.

So as i’ve gradually phased out watching TV I now have a lot of time that needs to be filled with something. But what? I’ll find something.
And just to round it off, lets hear about your favourite TV programme.


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