Toy Story

I was just browsing the BBC News website as I do daily, and found the news that the Toy Story film will be remade in 3D.

Toy Story is a film very close to my heart, it came out when I was five years old and some of my earliest memories are me and my brother sitting in the back of the car reciting it word for word.
I’m not sure how I feel about a new 3D version being made. Obviously it will be great to see it all shiny and hi-tech, but watching it like that won’t take me back to when I was small, watching it on a grainy video cassette, having to meddle with the tracking button every two minutes.

I also found out that Toy Story 3 will be released in 2010. This I am less than happy out. I don’t like Sequels. I don’t understand why films have to have a sequel, other than to make money. Plus they’re rarely as good as the original. Toy Story 2 certainly wasn’t, and I don’t expect Toy Story 3 to be either. But I guess I shall with-hold judgment until 2010.


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