Simple Pleasures

Today has been a fairly average Monday, and yet I have spent the entire day in a brilliant mood.
Nothing extraordinary has happened, so I couldn’t really figure out why that was, until just now when I realised that it’s the little things that have made me happy.

Here are some little things that have brightened up my day.

Waking up well
I am completly addicted to sleeping, and spend most of my day doing so. Lately my sleeping pattern has become so messed up that I haven’t woken up happy for a very long time. Today, for some reason, I didn’t mind having to get out of bed, which isn’t like me.

I realised that I much perfer my £3 bottle of perfume to my £20 one. And when I wear it it reminds me of last summer in South Wales.

Warm weather
In these early months even the slightest bit of sun gets me excited. It was this that really made my day as a whole. Being able to walk to college and back in relative warmth.

Nice lecturers
It’s always good when you just spend a whole lesson laughing and not actually doing any work. Even better when your teacher doesn’t mind it.

After eating my dinner at a stupidly early time and feeling massive, I decided it was probably time to start jogging again. So I went out for a run, and even though I nearly collapsed several times, i’m quite proud of myself that I did it.

The gift of good music
But this is nothing unusual, as I have this all day, every day. It is still a brilliant feeling finding a song you love and listening to each word intently.

What simple pleasures in life do you enjoy?

Recommended listening: Super Furry Animals – Battersea Odyssey


3 Responses

  1. Fried chicken

  2. Ah, that is a good answer. I used to love having a KFC twister for my lunch.
    However I have now become aware of the treatment of Battery hens and have gone off fast food chicken somewhat.

  3. I wish you’d have a livejournal so I could read this regularlary, plus you’d be able to read the random nonsense that goes on in my head.. my whole life is in mine lol hence why its friends only. xxxx

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