Derren Brown and his sexuality

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a WordPress page that displayed how many hits i’d recieved on my blog each day, and what people had searched for to find it.

And i’m a huge fan of Derren Brown. I’ve liked him and his work for years, i’ve been to see him live three times, and met him three times. I’ve collected his DVD’s, Books, Magazine articals and so on.

Lately i’ve been finding that people have been searching “Derren Brown girlfriend” or “Derren Brown gay” and finding my blog.

“Poor Derren!” I thought, all these people thinking he was gay and trying to find out the truth. I knew he was straight, i’d read about his past girlfriends and so on. So to me there was no question about his sexuality.

Just to find out why people had been looking up on this, I decided to do a search for it myself, and i’ve found an artical where he actually talks about coming out as Gay.

I am completly in shock. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t bother me that he’s homosexual, it doesn’t affect the way I feel about him or his work, but not actually ever questioning his sexuality, it’s just suprised me somewhat.

But whatever, I imagine he’s feeling quite relieved at getting it off his chest right now. And I wish him every luck in the future, and next year, when I meet him for the fourth time, I shall tell him that.

P.S – he is beautiful.

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  1. Wow! That is quiet surprising, I suppose. He’s very straight looking.

    Did I just say that?

  2. Its amazing the search engine terms that are used and what they’ll pull up.

    Some recent terms that found my blog:
    – hairy boobs
    – how to teach a boy to lift the toilet seat
    – el kabong

    Google is too powerful. It must be stopped.

  3. And that guy, I’ve got no idea who he is, but in that photo, he looks gay. I mean, look at that vest. A straight guy won’t wear that vest.

  4. I agree. I wouldn’t wear THAT vest. I would wear either a very dark brown vest, or a gold or mustard yellow vest. Solid in color. With the exception of the dark brown vest. With that one I might challenge the viewer by having the dark brown done in a very tight herringbone or even houndstooth pattern.

    But, I’m not gay, mind you. No. Not gay.

  5. Are you really surprised he’s gay? I have suspected this for long time. If you do research about the attributes of homosexuals, he has them all besides for acting girly. And when I checked Wikipedia a while back and noticed he was 35 and had never been married, that was a dead giveaway for someone as socially able for him. I’m also surprised if you watched his shows and haven’t seen the way he flirts with the attractive men more than the women.

  6. […] I also need to thank a certain bearded mentalist, it’s his sexual preference that has attracted the most amount of people to this here […]

  7. Yeah lobely bristol gay love wicked top fannt righteous

  8. “I checked Wikipedia a while back and noticed he was 35 and had never been married, that was a dead giveaway for someone as socially able for him.”

    Random and bizarre! Theree are LOADS of unmarried men over 35 who are not gay! Please don’t generalise! Just because you are socially ‘able’ it doesn’t mean you are going to ‘connect’ with everyone you meet. I imagine it’s even harder to hold down a relationship if you’re touring or working a lot!

  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is completely not telling the truth. This is Derren Brown we are talking about.

  10. Ok so if he is gay why is there a photo of him wiht his PARTNER— WHO IS A FEMALE?


  11. […] I wrote a blog entry about how shocked I was, and how I had no idea.  This blog entry got the most amount of hits than any entry i’ve ever written. Every day I would check my emails and find that yet another person had left a comment. […]

  12. Derren is just a very sexual person anyway… watching him on television he seems to flirt with both sexes. I’ve also seen him live and can recall him being quite flirty with a female participate. It’s probably because he has the power to make anyone lust after him with his tricks that both men and women fall for him haha! I’m a fanatic who never thought he was gay! but that doesn’t matter, I love him no matter what!

  13. Those finding this post for the first time, please have a look at the second post I did on the matter:

    Keep the comments comin’!

  14. #&%@! I’m incredibly jealous! I wish I could have a piece of that! :~( …. I can play masculine… I’m sure I could charm him with my feigned masculinity! ; )

  15. I don’t care what sex he is
    I believe hes a very charismatic sexual person
    And more inclined to believe hes bi and a greedy git like myself!
    Bi is accepting both sexes and being comfortable with yourself and yes he flirts like a beast with both i think 🙂
    Gay or not i love him to bits xXx

  16. If you still think that then you should check out his wikepedia private life section, and then get a life!

  17. I think it’s safe to say Wikipedia can not always be trusted for true information. Someone reads something, they add it to Wikipedia, regardless of wether it’s really true or not.

  18. Thanks to helloblog for the above response but the word ‘gay’ has been changed to ‘homosexual’ in his Wikipedia, which lead me to believe that (after the Sun episode), Derren’s people had had a look around the various discussion blogs re: his sexuality, and noticed that there were still quite a few people out there who believe he could be bi, so to try to put the matter straight – if you’ll pardon the expression!’ they have changed the wording so that there can be no more question marks over the subject.

    Do you think this might not be the case then? Can anyone go into Wikipedia and change the narrative? Thanks

  19. Wikipedia is edited by the users, which means that any member of the public could have seen the word “gay” and decided that isn’t the correct term and changed it to “homosexual”.

    As I see it, it’s unlikely Derren had his “people” search through his Wikipedia just to change one word.

  20. I think derren brown is fairly legendary

    I didnt see it coming..he looks like a “normal” kind of guy.

    I was quite surpirsed to find out he was batting from the other side of the crease

    However this does not change my opinion of him as an awesome magician and psychologist.

  21. I have read both your blogs on this subject, and it is clear from reading them that a lot of people are less than convinced that Derren is totally gay.

    Looking back when other male celebs have come out, there has never been a raging debate as to whether they are or not, they come out and that’s that.

    A few examples; Elton John, got married, divorced, and then came out, yet I have never heard or seen any argument that he may be bi, ditto Paul O’Grady who was also married,divorced and then came out. Paul openly flirts with women, is often seen out with female friends at parties, etc, but no one ever questions HIS sexuality. George Michael, as man’s man in the 80’s, then he came out, but there was ever a big question mark back then as to whether he could he be bi, and of course there are many others.

    So what is different here? I think it is that peoples instincts are telling them that something ‘does not fit’, it does’nt matter how many times we are told something if our instincts tell us otherwise, we will stick with it.

    There are certain terms of phrase that Derren has used that give the game away somewhat; to challenge women to try and turn him is one of them, not something a gay man who was 100% sure of his sexuality would say. It could have been edited out but was’nt.

    Also, if the boyfriend wants to stay out of the public eye, (or he wants to keep him out of the public eye) why mention it? Almost an invitation for a person(s) to start trying to find out about him.

    One thing is for sure, we will not find out one way or the other on this or any other blog. People do not come out as ‘bi’ they come out as gay and then hide that part of their life they do not want other people to know about, however, no one can hide their true selves forever, not even DB.

    We will probably see/hear in the coming months that he is being seen out with both men and women, flirting like mad with both, and the boyfriend is nowhere to be seen.

  22. He has a girlfriend and a boyfriend, both are kept well out of the public eye and therefore no one will probably ever get to know anymore about the set-up or the other parties involved unless Derren decides, (or they decide) to make themselves known.

    There are many people out there who live their lives this way and its never a big issue, so I for one don’t see why it should be in this case.

  23. Yeah i always thought he was kind of camp but I just don’t see him with a romantic life anyway. :S

  24. Oh yeah and by the way how badly do you wanna see what he looked like as a kid?? lol

  25. I searched for “derren brown gay” and found this.

  26. I think this blog is getting a bit silly now, it started off as a debate and has turned into somewhere for people to just write silly remarks, whoever is running it should close it down, i’m sure if Derren saw it or knew of it he would be horrified!

  27. From now on the comments section for this blog entry will be closed, as I feel it no longer needs to be debated.

    Thank you for all your comments, and I hope you stick around.


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