Hairy ladies

A rather large shaving cut on my leg has made me wonder once again why I do it.

Having hair is natural, from when we used to be massive, hairy Apes. So why did women first decide to start shaving? And why is having hair on our arms and legs repulsive, and yet we style and dye the stuff on our head?

I don’t like having hairy legs. I once had to let it grow in order to have it waxed a few weeks later. It was itchy and horrible and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. My other half said that he honestly didn’t mind them being hairy, but my guess was that secretly he was also glad the hair would soon be gone.

A few months ago a woman on Richard and Judy was starting a campaign to try and get hairy models, and for women to be proud of their hair. I’m not sure wether I agree with this or not.
Like I said, having hair on our bodies is perfectly natural, and yet for some reason Society has made it seem like soemthing to be ashamed of.

Women – do you mind being hairy?
Men – what do you think of hairy girls, and do you shave your own body hair?

P.S – don’t search for “Hairy Woman” in Google with safe search off, unless you want to be flashed a prime peice of British muff.


36 Responses

  1. Hairy ladies are unattractive.

  2. Nothing wrong with hair on a woman.

  3. A while ago Julia Roberts was photographed at an awards thingy with pit hair. In my best Derek and Clive voice: “It didn’t half give me the fakkin’ ‘orn”. Sadly, however, the opinion former who wrote the newspaper column thought it was awful.

    Boy, is my finger not on the pulse of the nation. I thought she looked tops!

  4. hair can be more erotic than a clean smooth barbie…..
    nevertheless.. the girl on the pic could cut a bit…

    but in general: nothing is wrong with having individual hair instead of mainstream ..

  5. Hair on a woman is very attractive!

    There is somthing truthful, honest and very innocent about it. It is being truthful to how your body behaves.

    This doesn’t mean that all hair should be left to go wild! Cleanliness and tidyness needs to be respected at all times!

  6. Hairy Women are the most attractive women in the
    world. Give me an attractive Super Hairy Penelope
    Cruz anytime. Or a Super Hairy Madonna or a Super
    Hairy Jasmine Guy, A Super Hairy Elizabeth Hurley.

    The more hair on a woman’s body the better.

  7. i really need to find some hairy ladies for a project…any advice?


  8. I think hair everywhere is sexy, except hairy legs. Hairy arms, arm pits, pubic region, chest, and back.

    I would have to say if a woman has a hairy face then that would be too much. I have seen some women with a mustache and it didn’t look good at all.

  9. Hmm well, I’m not a fully grown woman, but I’ll be 16 in about 4 months. My dad has extreme body hair and is close to being 100% full Italian (so you could imagine). I don’t mind hair on my forearms, but having a lot of body hair, especially dark hair, makes it uncomfortable. I mean yeah, hair on legs is normal, but it just sucks to have it almost everywhere. I maintain it, especially the legs. It just makes me feel kinda insecure in a physical way. I would be surprised if I met a guy who wouldn’t mind body hair.

    Yet again, its better than feeling “bald” all over, I suppose.

  10. Hello. First off HAPPY NEW YEAR. I am a 28 year old blonde male and I just had to comment on this from my situations about this subject. It’s not fun being a practically hairless male. I am the complete opposite of hairy. A male is suppose to be hairy but I am not. I have no hair on my legs and thighs.They are completely hairless,naturally. I don’t even have one little hair. I just can’t grow any.I used to inspect my legs everyday to see if any grew.In high school I was the only guy in the locker-room with no leg hair. In coed swimming there were 2 girls who had hairier legs.I tried to avoid them.
    Every female I’ve been with had hairier legs than me. My last girlfriend,Marie, was a 24 year old hispanic and she had very sensitive skin and didn’t shave her legs.At times,she would put her leg next to mine and tease me. I asked her to shave her legs and she said she had super sensitive skin and she would have skin problems. She said it wasn’t worth it even though it freaks some guys out.
    Last summer, I was in shorts in my back yard, getting some sun. After about an hour she stopped by with her 10 year old sister.Her sister went inside and Marie sat down next to me and put her leg next to mine and said my legs are still darker and just look at how much hairier my legs are. She laughed,I’m a girl and look at all the hair on my legs. She actually looked at my legs closely and said wow you’re a guy and I’m shocked that your legs are completely bald. They look like a girls legs,and don’t you wish you had hairy legs like me. She laughed that I should wear pantyhose.She said mine were smoother than hers. She said I had the perfect hairless female legs.They would never have to shave or wax their legs. It was impossible not to compare ourlegs.She had naturally olive dark skin and she had black hair all over her lower legs and quite a bit on her thighs. My legs looked so damn hairless.I hated that she was a girl and she noticed this.Being a guy,I suppose to have hairier legs than Marie. Marie said I had bald girly legs and I hate to admit this but my legs looked so strangely bald next to hers.I noticed that when her sister came back outside she also had black hair all over her lower legs. I was so embarrassed I went inside and put on some pants. It was the first time we saw each others legs and I was so freaked. I was so intimidated by the both of them and their hairy legs.
    It’s extremely embarrassing to show my legs to a female because my legs are as hairless as they come.The odds are that most females are hairier than me. I was so jealous of Maries legs.I was even jealous of her younger sisters legs. She was flaunting her hairy legs. I thought my legs looked like a girls.2 other females commented on my hairless legs. They said they never saw a guy with no leg hair. They both said my legs weren’t exactly manly looking.They basically said my legs were feminine. Because of this I don’t wear shorts as much as I used to.I guess my hairless legs are in tune with the rest of my body hair.I have no stomach,chest or butt hair. I have very little pubic hair. Just a little patch above my ….. It’s very yellowish blonde and sparce and short.Not very noticeable.Marie had so much more than me and she trimmed hers. Hers were black and very noticeable. God,she even had a trail of hair to her belly.
    4 females have told me my legs are strange looking, basically they’re not manly looking. After this I really feel my legs are girly. No guy wants girly looking legs. I’ve noticed so many pre-teen girls have fuzzy hair on their legs.It makes me feel so embarrassed. I wish there was a cream I could put on my legs to grow hair. It sucks to be a bald legged guy. My legs feel so unsexy because females like hairy legs on a guy. I like the fact females shave their legs,except Marie,I hate the fact that they have more hair than me to shave. I try to tan my legs in the summer because my lack of hair seems to be less noticeable when my legs are darker. In the winter that is a different story. Hairless pale legs do not look manly at all.I hate to look at my legs in a mirror.

    Are there girls out there who like naturally hairless legs on a guy? Do you? Would it bother a female if she had hairier legs than a guy,would you feel you have to shave them all the time? Are hairless legs on a male weird looking or girly looking to females? It bothered Marie, she didn’t like my legs,but at the same time she was proud of her hairy legs and liked to put them next to mine and show off that hers were hairier. From a guy stand point that was very embarrassing. I wanted so bad to have hairier legs than her. Marie and I broke up,she thought from the waist down that my body was too feminine for her including my blonde pubic hair.She said it was kind’uv a girly color.She had a hard time accepting the fact that my legs were as she said “completely bald”. I had a problem accepting the fact that her legs were hairier than mine and thinking she had more masculine legs than me. Our legs did look weird next to each other.She even said she thought her legs looked more manly than mine and that’s a no-no.No female wants a guy whose legs look more feminine than hers. We were a mismatch together.
    Why would Marie show-off like this to me? Are there females out there that have naturally hairless legs like mine? Do you have to shave your legs or are they like mine? Just a curious guy. Any comments are welcome cause from my experiences hairless legs sucks on a guy. Do females feel embarrassed if they have hairy legs and a guy sees them? I know I feel embarrassed if a female sees my legs. Double embarrassed if she has leg hair. It sucks to be a male with bald legs. Take care. Hairless Leg RAY

    • You gotta be joking?
      How can you be embarrased to have smooth legs like that? We go trough hell to get rid of them and youre being all huffy about it. I’d love my man ot have smooth legs, but ain’t gonna happen aye.
      Look for girls who like ‘pretty’ boys. There are alot – and I must say, I’m one of them.

  11. we all like to think that as a “natural” woman we should be entitle to be hairy,like men,afterall it IS natural.However i hate admitting i dont like it,women feel sexier in general and better about themselves when thier hair free,and as u know onc e you have started shaving theres no going back because the hairs even thicker then.One thing i will say is definately use a creme bleach if you are self concious its reli effective and the hair becomes almost invisible

    • Well society influences us, I also shave my shoulders as a male, because I think it looks bad, for myself, although definitely influenced, and as most women shave, still because of societal reasons, I feel it like a courtesy returning the efforts to look at least trimmed and nice, though keeping some of my body hair.
      Hair doesn’t actually remain that much thicker once it fully grows back, it seems thicker because of the blunt cut or “post hoc” because most of us shave our faces or legs and underarms in developing years.

  12. i love hairy women. that alone gives me an erection

  13. Hairy female crotches are gorgeous. Mine starts high up on my belly, flares out wide to my hips and runs down lasciviously between my legs, begging to be explored. A guy can’t ask for more than that.

  14. I actually tend to like hair on women. I don’t really see the point in them shaving. it’s kind of weird that there is a social pressure for them to do it. it oughta be thought of as something more neutral. do it if you like, don’t if you don’t want, with no pressure either way.

  15. It seems to be very much a white western thing. Most other cultures are not that obsessed with body hair. Many see it as a coming of age and sexuality….a good thing.

  16. I adore totally unshaven ladies.


  17. There’s nothing wrong with body hair on anyone really, and if you feel you’re missing something, need to cover up some greys, or need some grooming, check these guys out. They offer pubic hair dye in a variety of colors and trimming essentials.

  18. I am 30 years old brazilian man and don´t care aboute hairy women. I think it´s not necessary to girls be sacrified just to take off something natural in all human bodies.
    Each one has their own beauty. And hair is not a problem when it´s clean.

  19. i love every single hair on a woman. a shaven body is boring and unattractive.

  20. i love hairy girls i like them natural.

  21. i love hairy pussies

  22. why should women hide what is natural and real? so society can make money on razors and shaving cream? and for the people who think unshaved legs are unattractive and repulsive…why? why is it repulsive? men have hairy legs, why cant women too? that is ridiculous in this society. if people open their minds and didn’t do exactly what society told them to, everybody would be better off and happier. When i see a women who doesn’t shave i think that is awesome. not because i think women are BETTER than men, but because they don’t care about the mainstream society and they do what they want. they are happier, confident, and independent. I think that is pretty sexy. I am not saying all women should shave and thats it, i just think that women should have the opportunity to do what they want and not feel inferior and self conscious because of what society thinks.

  23. I really love naked girls with hairy muffs and underarm hair if it’s out of order and all over the place a little bit of trimming around the edges wouldn’t hurt.
    I love the feel of a hairy muff especially sensual when you just slip your hand down her jeans from the stomache and past the belt and feel that sensational hair covering her jewel. My latest girlfriend 25ys young has grown it for me and she loves it and the fact that I find it extremely sexy, she says she feels more attractive now and more like a real woman. She’s a beautiful beautiful girl.

  24. body hair is evolution’s way of telling me that a girl is ripe age for mating!!

    (in case you didn’t get that, it means I think that it is extremely sexy and naturally beautiful)

    I’m a male and I occasionally shave my back hair probably because of the giving in to what society thinks. . I shave my face about once a week probably for the same reasons… Plus growing out a beard is itchy! I’d like to grow a large one at some point though.

  25. I dont really care for hairy body’s on women, if a women wants to shave or not then that her. To each his own and you should feel comfortable in your own skin. BUT I PERFER to shave or wax for myself, i dont want MY body to be hairy. As for the men, I LOVE HAIRY MEN, but if he wants to shave that ok too..but i like my men ruff lookin

  26. I love a little hair on women!

  27. Hair is my latest thing. I feel like it would be an amazing experience to be with a completely natural woman- kind of like an ‘equal experience’ where we’re both out there in a primal sort of sense. Before all over hair it was hairy armpits with their natural scent; before that i was into tall, athletic women (i’m 5’6), before that i was into feet. I don’t lose any of my previous desires when a new one pops up so it’s nice. i guess i just keep finding new things about women that turn me on 🙂 As far as my own body hair, I feel like I have pretty gross, patchy hair – some around my belly and then some on my nipples with only a few weird lone hairs on my chest… sorry if I put you off your dinner. I wish I was hairier actually! I see it as masculine and would like to have more,

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  29. God gave you hair for a reason, show it off!

  30. Publicly I say it needs to be trimmed. But personally, I could care less, I don’t mind body hair on women in most places, I draw the line at face neck and excessive back. I don’t care too much for between the legs, but on the legs and in front of the pubic bone is fine, armpits fine. I myself as a man in his teens hates shaving. I have a lot of chest and belly pubes from drinking too much 151, and I don’t usually trim anything including my beard unless work requires it. I don’t complain to my wife about hers because if I’m not willing to do it why should I try to make her? So all you ladies, make it the norm you were born with hair for a reason, let it grow!

  31. I’m the hairiest woman I have ever seen and I LOVE it! My fiance wouldn’t have it any other way and I agree 100% that it is natural and a personal choice entirely. It would be nice if personal choices such as these weren’t so publicly judged. It amazes me, the amount of rude, offensive and downright mean comments I get as a result of my hair from perfect strangers in public. I was born like this! It’s truly a shame. I have started a facebook group for hairy women and their enthusiasts. It is called Body Hair Aware and strives to put to rest the misconceptions associated with body hair on women and provides a place for women and men to discuss and support one another on this issue. It is by no means only for hairy women, but for all women and men who have an opinion on body hair. I will eventually be writing a book on this topic and would love to have input from as many people I can with as many different viewpoints as possible. If you have something to say, I encourage you to join! 🙂

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