Thank you readers!

I started this blog in order to share things I like, and give my opinion on important subjects.
At first I enjoyed it, but as I thought nobody was reading it, my posts began to dwindle and I gradually stopped writing.

A while ago however, I found the “Blog stats” page. Here I found that people actually were bothering to read!
I picked up my pace and once again started to write about things important to me.

Gradually the number of views to my blog began to grow, and today, I got my biggest number of views ever.
Obviously this means a lot to me, I like the fact that when I  put a lot of thought into posting something, people all round the world are reading it.

And I also need to thank a certain bearded mentalist, it’s his sexual preference that has attracted the most amount of people to this here Blog.

So thanks Dez, and thanks readers!


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