Change is needed.

There’s no doubt about it. You cannot escape the fact. The UK is turning to shit.

What are we famous for now? Obesity (we’re only a few years behind America), Binge drinking and Teenage Pregnancy.
I think it’s safe to say something needs to be done.

A while ago I watched a programme about solving the problem of teenage mothers in the UK. People were campaigning to get the age of Sex Education in the UK lowered and taught to children between 12 and 15 years old.
This is a tried and tested method, it has been used in the Netherlands, which has the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe. It is obviously effective and it obviously works.
So with that kind of proof, surely we should adopt it here? No, the British public seems to think not.
The general opinion in the UK is that this age is far too young to teach children about sex. But why? The method works, we should use is. It’s best that kids learn about sex at a younger age so they know what kind of mistakes they can make.
It is not abusing their innocence. It is not encouraging them to have sex. It’s just making sure than when they do have sex, they’re protecting themselves and know the facts.
This method needs to be adopted here.

Yesteday I was listening to the radio and a discussion was taking place about Binge drinking (another big problem here).
And idea is being thrown around that teenagers of around 16 should be allowed to drink in pubs, where responsible adults can keep an eye on them. This means that they will not be hanging around street corners and causuing trouble, which is currently the case. It improves the situation.
So surely it’s a given that we should adopt this situation too? No, once again, the British public are againsed taking a risk even if it is highly likely to pay off. They don’t want change.
For some reason we are highly againsed this European view to alcohol, even though it works.

As you can see this annoys me, highly. The fact that tried and tested methods are there, ready to use, and yet we’re not. Why not? Do something. Soon. The UK is already a horrible place to be, and it’s steadily getting worse.


3 Responses

  1. That photo of you passed out in the loo (that’s what you call it there, right?) is priceless. Yeah, okay, that’s not you. Just some stock image. Sure, I believe you.

    But in all seriousness, I don’t think letting people drink at 16 will stop binge drinking. I think taking away the desire to drink will stop binge drinking.

    Many Americans who live near the border to Canada come into Canada because our drinking age is 19 (18 in some places) while its 21 in the US. These 19 and 20 year old Yanks come here for the weekend, drink themselves into near oblivion and wind up in my universal health care hospitals with alcohol poisoning. If 16 year olds are drinking, how are they getting the booze? Stop the supply and the problem will deminish.

    I also think that if you let 16 year old girls into bars, teenage pregnancy will shoot up. You’ll start seeing older men buying young ladies drinks and then taking advantage of them.

  2. […] we are progressing! Posted on October 24, 2008 by helloblog Sometime last year I wrote a blog entry about the state of Sex Education in British schools, and how for some reason, we had not adopted […]

  3. I highly disagree with the ‘take away the supply’ idea. Two words — PROHIBITION REPEALED. People who want to drink, will drink. Taking away the supply is an illusion, as people will certainly turn to the black market. As far as the yanks who come up to canada and drink themselves into oblivion over the weekend, surely we can agree that stupid people are always going to be stupid, and that the more taboo you make something, the more driven people will be to get it.

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