Derren Brown and his sexuality (the other end of the spectrum)

As you may or may not know, a few months ago I came across a newspaper article, written by Derren Brown, claiming that he was Gay.

I wrote a blog entry about how shocked I was, and how I had no idea.  This blog entry got the most amount of hits than any entry i’ve ever written.
Every day I would check my emails and find that yet another person had left a comment.

The comments varied, some people said they knew all along, others said they were as shocked as I was.

Even though I agree that Derrens personal life is his own, and it is none of our business what his sexuality is, I was intrigued to see what other people thought.

The fact that I didn’t want to pry made me wonder if I should be writing this second post on the fact, but today I was sent an email from somebody pointing me towards this picture:

[Picture courtesy of]

The caption underneath the picture is ” Derren Brown and partner Vicky attend the after party on Press Night for Speed-the-Plow at One Aldwych, London, England on 12th February 2008.”

Obviously it could just be that the editor has seen Derren with a female friend and just assumed she was a partner.

Anyway, the fact is we don’t know the truth. And we don’t really need to, it’s his own personal business and I shan’t write of it again. I just thought that as i’d written about one side, I should write about the other.

FIN. (I promise)


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  1. Is the coming out article he wrote newer than the whatsonstage picture?

  2. mistake, just noticed the date of the picture. Hmm, well then – that’s an odd one. Maybe we’re all involved in his biggest stunt yet?

  3. If he’s ‘come out’ then he’s ‘come out!’ It would be a bit strange if he took the trouble to say it when it was’nt true…if he had a girlfriend and wanted to keep quiet about it then i’m sure he would have just kept quiet.

    It would be very odd to come out in a national newspaper if you really were not gay, and then have to retract it later on, would’nt do much for your credibility…also on another point, journalists and press photographers are notorious for getting details wrong, by the very nature of their job they are always in a hurry to make deadlines, and so can often be careless with small details, so ‘partner’ could have mean’t partner for the picture, partner for the party maybe, if he did’nt have anyone to take with him, but partner in life, I think not!!

  4. In response to Rebecca:

    Derren “coming out” was only in a newspaper suppliment. These things aren’t the most reliable of sources at the best of times, they quote celebs all the time when, in some cases, the celeb says they did not say it. Derren is an extremely private person, I know this first hand and him discussing any kind of relationship or even his sexuality with the press is something he just would not do.

    As for the picture with Vicky and the quote, I agree photographers are in a rush and do need to meet deadlines, however, the quote changed from “Derren Brown and Vicky x” to Derren Brown and partner Vicky” so therefor if the photographer made a mistake due to rushing, he/she would have made it the first time round. Changing the quote looks like (at least to me) that it has been corrected to what it is meant to be. The term partner can mean many things but, in MOST cases, partner means PARTNER! When photographers take a pic of a celeb and they dont kno who they are posing with, it usually says “… and guest” but partner is something very specific.

    I’m not having a go at anyone but I think believing a newspaper suppliment and taking it as gospel is kind of a bad idea, particularly when the article itself got some details wrong and particularly when Derren himself has said things since that contradict this article.

    I have looked around his fandom and have seen numourous people say “dont believe what Derren says” or “dont believe everything you read about Derren” yet people believe this? Come on, hear it from his own mouth first. If he has said it once, he can SAY it again yes?

    I’ve yet to find one gay bloke who finds two women together sexy yet Derren does? Weird!

  5. Derren is a KNOWN trickster. In his books, on TV, in interviews he always tells porkies, from big to small, black lies to little white ones. This I see as no exception if he actually did say it at all. If Derren has always been gay then I see no reason for him have had relationships with women or even mention them (or lie about them) as the article comes across as he’s gay, not bi to me, I also see no reason for him to be “in the closet” for all these years as he is a kind of “take me as I am, I dont give a fuck what you think, I am not ashamed” kind of man. I also remember reading an interview with him where he actually got quite offended at the interviewer who had to ask if the relationships he has had were with women. He flirts openly with women and said who he fancies – not the act of a gay man and if he was in the closet, again he could always just keep his mouth shut and stop mentioning such straight guy things. It has been said he is a private person – this is VERY true. Derren has said how freaked out he gets by people wanting to know even the slightest detail about him so I really dont think he would feed his “quivering nutter” fans, as he put it, such information. There is no need for Derren to come out, he doesnt publically parade or discuss his relationships so no one need know only his nearest and dearest.

    I do know that magazines, papers and especially newspaper suppliments mish mash old interviews and stick them together and even add some of their own stuff in too and like has been said, some info they give was wrong.

    I dont know if this Vicky is his partner in THAT sense but I do find it odd how the quote was changed. Why change it? Why change it to partner from “Vicky x”. Was it because they found out who she was so they changed it? Were they asked to change it? Maybe the photographer is on drugs – who knows but you certainly cant say photographers get it wrong but pap suppliments dont. Its all just text at the end of the day. Nothing has come from his mouth, only the opposite to what the suppliment claims.

    If he is gay, good on him but fucking be honest about your sexuality in the first place, as a gay man, its quite insulting when gay men are ashamed and that’s what you must be to hide it but I just dont get that vibe with him and my “gaydar” is about 99.99% accurate lol His ‘tash is quite gay but hey, its only facial hair! Percy Sugden has almost the exact same ‘tash and he lived with Emily Bishop for years lol

    All this is just my opinion naturally – some of it fact but who knows what lies Derren has been feeding us all these years or what crap he’s been saying recently.

  6. Re: Dave’s response…where is the article you read that says Derren finds two women together sexy!!

    If the ‘coming out’ article was wrong then why has’nt it also been corrected since?

  7. Re: Stuart’s response. I do know fact that he was seen with his boyfriend at a launch party last Spring…maybe he is bi-sexual? That would maybe explain some of it?

  8. Derren said he found two women together sexy at a recent Channel 4 party. He said this AFTER he supposedly came out and was on Channel 4’s site at the time so I take that as true. Maybe that was his way of correcting it. That article pretty much went un-noticed anyway.

    As for the seeing him with his boyf – that came from another paper or magazine if Im not mistaken and I think he was just *seen* with a man. Man with man does not make them partners, if so he has been fucking Andy Nyman for years. Oh his poor wife.

    No one knows the real story here. That article could indeed be true but Dez has said things since that contradict it so I dont think anyone should pressume anything until he confirms it HIMSELF, not in print (unless it’s anywhere on his site). I dont think he will confirm it either way because, why should he, he is a very private man who doesnt talk about his personal life *cough cough*.

  9. Oh and he wasnt even asked if that was his boyf at that party, they just assumed and stated it as fact, like you are.

  10. has anyone noticed how those who WANT and NEED him to be gay really fight for him to be gay and dont listen to any evidence why he might not be and those who think he isnt produce real facts why he might not be and can back up their arguement?

    speex volumes!!

  11. Alright, alright, lets keep this a debate of two sides, not as a personal slanging match!

  12. Why does anyone NEED Derren to be gay, straight, or otherwise, re: Claire, not sure what your point is…

    Has anyone noticed that the lady ‘vicky’ in the picture appears to be wearing an engagment ring?

    So has he come out, gone back in again, and then got engaged since September?

    As there are people on this blog who suggest (via their text) that they know Derren or are privi to his world then maybe they can enlighten us?

    Why should we believe the Channel 4 site more than any other newspaper article or supplement, who apparently cannot write anything that is true?

  13. Derren is Gay,
    For crying out loud the man made the effort of coming out in the Telegraph for goodness sakes!
    We’re not talking the Sun here!

    Anyway, it’s common knowledge for anyone who moves in the media circles in London.

    Last I knew he was dating an Italian American Magician called Angelo Carbone,
    But that was a while back, so may not still be the case.

    Now, can people please just appreciate the man for his work and not who he chooses to sleep with!

  14. Hi Martin

    Here here!! now lets leave it at that…

  15. Odd considering Carbone is with a woman these days :/ She is a beautiful French lady called Sophie.

  16. They may both be bi-sexual…also a body-language expert (friend of mine) took a look at the picture, here is her ‘feedback’ if you like, for anyone who is still interested,

    First give away in this picture is the angle of heads, in this one her head is leaning towards his but he is not mirroring her gesture, two, his hand on her shoulder indicating more of a friendly gesture than any passionate relationship, also not his whole hand is even on her shoulder, apparently indicating a detachment of the situation, her strange ‘mona lisa’ expression indicates she may be playing to the camera, i.e. trying to make out there is a ‘secret’ when there is none, his facial expression is totally different, as in, it is open and friendly showing that there is no secret, so her conclusion:- this picture is of two friends – not lovers, who probably knew each other before the party, if they are in a relationship it is unlikely to be serious or last, as he is not mirroring her gestures which he would be…the picture does suggest however that she would like to be in a relationship with him. My friend regularly studies famous people as part of her job, and Derren would probably be disappointed to learn he is no more difficult to read than any of the others!

    She told me this picture shows a ‘typical’ Derren Brown pose for the camera, one hand in pocket, and a friendly but detached facial expression – his usual one, not ‘i’m with the love of my life’

  17. If Derren is really not gay then why has his wikipedia not been updated yet?

  18. I feel either 1) it’s a trick of some sort, which I doubt; 2) he’s been misquoted, plausible; 3) he’s bisexual; or 4) my gaydar is broke, because he seems very attracted to women.

  19. My bet would be that he is bi.

  20. Let me make a few observations.

    First, the article appeared in the magazine that comes with the Independent On Sunday, not the Telegraph. I know, because someone in The Magic Circle scanned it and made it available on the mailing list that we use. It didn’t surprise me at all, partly because I already knew from people who really know, and also because it makes sense. There is a certain style in Derren’s first two books (for magicians), which continues in the book he wrote for the great unwashed, and which resonates with the long and difficult journey from happy-clappy christian to gaytheist 🙂

    Second, gay men are often very flirtatious with women, and can even appreciate a woman for something as high-brow as her personality, or as low-brow as her cracking set of knockers. As a gay man who has sometimes felt obliged to tell a female friend what a cracking pair she has, I know whereof I speak.

    Third, the word partner is open to many interpretations. If I went to a party with a female friend, I would probably refer to her as my date for the evening. But we wouldn’t shag, even if she asked really nicely, and I was really drunk.

    Fourth, I have absolutely no idea where “Carbone fan” gets the idea that Angelo is with a French woman called Sophie. I would be prepared to bet everything I own that he is not. And to win the bet, I can either ask him next time I see him (probably on Monday at The Magic Circle), or I could ring him up.

    Fifth, if Antone is suggesting that Derren was misquoted in the Independent article, the it might be appropriate to point out that Derren actually wrote the article himself, so there is no danger that he was misinterpreted.

    He’s gay, he’s come out, and he did so in a beautifully understated manner which behooves him. There is no ambiguity about it. He’s still allowed to like women, be friends with them, go out to parties with them, flirt, have fun. Many of us pooves do exactly the same kind of thing. And we do get people who don’t quite believe us, but seriously, it’s not something you make up. Even Derren Brown.

    If it were some kind of trick, it wouldn’t have been done in such a low-key, understated manner, with no repercussions. If it were a trick, or a setup for something, it would BE NEWS, rather than merely having been IN A NEWSPAPER (supplement).

  21. I also had to laugh at this observation from Claire:

    > those who think he isnt produce real facts why
    > he might not be and can back up their arguement?

    Those who THINK he isn’t produce REAL FACTS why HE MIGHT NOT BE, and can back up their argument.

    You can’t have a “real fact why he might not be”.

    You can have a real fact that could be interpreted to suggest that “he might not be”, and you can argue about how that fact should be interpreted to suggest that he is or he isn’t. Don’t confuse a reason why he might not be with a fact that could support or refute that reason.

    Here is a “real fact”. Derren came out in a quality national newspaper, in a piece which he himself wrote. Any other media representations of him since then are unlikely to have come from his own pen, or to have been subject to his editorial control, and so are less likely to be true.

    All the same, it’s a tribute to Derren’s ability to amaze and mystify that the man can come out, and yet some people still think he’s pulling a fast one 🙂

  22. Thanks to RoguePrion for the above response…as a gay woman I am only too familiar with the often thought incorrect assumption, that being gay/ coming out means half the human race then ceases to exist!

    I have and hope I always will have many wonderful male friends, whom I see regularly for drinks, meals out, or just fun – some of them even have the nerve to take me out on a ‘date’!

    This does not mean I have suddenly ‘turned straight or bi’, and to quote RoguePrion, I would’nt sleep with any of them even if they asked me really nicely!

    Coming out is not something you do ’cause there’s nothing good on the telly that night. Most people think long and hard about the implications etc, as i’m sure Derren Brown would have done, probably more so being in the public eye somewhat. He managed to do it in an elegant and respectful way without any fanfare – which I for one admire.

    The biggest mystery to me is why so many people are so interested in his sexual activities and whom he may or may not be sharing his bed with, why not just admire him for his work?

  23. Jesus you lot have too much time on your hands. I know her, she’s not his girlfriend.

  24. Can’t believe Derren is now talking to The Sun newspaper about his sexuality…this is’nt the old and possibly wiser Derren would surely not have done so…my respect for him is going down somewhat…

  25. After repeatly saying you want to keep your private life private I feel this is somewhat of a contradition!!

  26. Yes I feel somewhat disappointed I must say…

  27. Yes, people in the public eye never seem to learn the lesson that an air of mystery is much better and earns them much more respect in the long run.

  28. Jesus; damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

    After many cries of “no he’s not”, followed by fairly conclusive evidence that “yes, he is”, we now get “he shouldn’t say if he is”. Not the most mature stance ever!

  29. Sorry Mate! I’m with the ladies on this one..Derren Brown is the last celeb I would expect to see discussing his private life with the Sun Newspaper.

    Always thought he was a ‘cool dude’, now just think he’s a ‘daft dude’.

    Lets hope he does’nt start crying those celeb crocodile tears when they start digging around his private life to find out who is partner is etc, which they surely will.

  30. If you check Derrens official site you will see in the news section he did not give an exclusive to the Sun he has more class than that.

  31. Yes I’ve just have had a look and i’m really pleased. I did think it was a bit odd and tacky, (to quote the great man himself!), so its great and i’m really pleased he’s found happiness with his partner, as a gay man myself i know first hand how difficult it can be.

  32. blablabla lol

  33. I found it a slight shock,and at first dismissed it as The Sun doing what it does best..Making shit up.However,after reading,i must say,im now trying to dismiss such thoughs as: ‘give me an hour or 2, a bedroom and some furry handcuffs.’

  34. Yeh I’m inclined to agree!! See my entry on the other blog

  35. I guess I can see how that might be shocking, especially since he is handsome. My gaydar is about -10% accurate… I’m mistaken a few straight gays as gay, and a lot of gay guys as straight. This is because I never wonder when I meet men, ‘hmm, wonder what side of the fence they’re on’. I just don’t consider it. If this is a psychological trick, it will be interesting to see it pan out. If it’s the truth, it doesn’t much matter to me. Character and contribution are the worthy benchmarks of people, not their sexuality.

    I recall in college reading a study that said very FEW people were actually 100% heterosexual — that there’s a wider majority of people who are in the slightly bi, bi category. Fascinating, isn’t it?

  36. Yes it is…having watched his latest shows (Trick or Treat), he definately comes across more as bi than straight, to me anyway. He flirts with both the men and quite clearly took a shine to Lauren the student in episode 2.

  37. If you look at his website it has this recently added:

    “Second coming
    For anyone confused as to why Derren would seem to be ‘coming out’ again, and this time to the tabloids: the article in the Sun yesterday was something of a suprise. Derren had answered a couple of questions from a Sun journalist within a half-hour interview about the TV series, that were concerned with why he discreetly mentioned all that man-on-man business in the Independent a few months ago. Derren politely answered that it was a necessary evil: not really anyone’s business, but if you don’t do it then it becomes perceived as a secret. The Sun then printed this as if Derren had chosen to come out there and then to them, complete with ‘Exclusive’ across the top of the article. As if. Other papers then picked up on this, and suddenly it was new news.

    So, yes, for those who thought it was a bit odd and tacky, it was.

    Added/Updated: 22nd April 2008”

    (src: )

    I would say that Derren was just with Vicki in the sense of there with him, she was the partner for the night as a friend, not as a ‘significant other’

    As for the whole “Is Derren gay?” business, it would seem to me that he is someone who finds certain people attractive, not specifically men or women. This is not to say he is ‘bi-sexual’ per sé, just that he is open to being attracted to people in general and labels wouldn’t do how he feels justice.

  38. good on him if he has come out but it really is nobody’s business. someone said in an earlier reply about gay men “being ashamed to come out”. well it is not always as easy as that. as a gay man myself i was not ashamed to come out(20 years ago) but absolutely terrified! i was frightened of what i was feeling (i was married at the time) and terrified of perhaps losing family and friends. fortunately everything worked out fine. i am very proud of who i am but not because i am gay. because i am me. please don’t be so quick to judge and assume that it is easy.

  39. I’m sure that women was in one of his episodes on Trick or Treat, wasn’t she?

    I’d have never guessed he was gay! Still, doesn’t bother me in the slightest, the only anoyying thing is everyone says “He’s NOT gay” “He IS gay”, everywhere you see a clip and/or form about him its the same thing. Who cares? He’s brilliant, just watch his shows and enjoy it.

  40. No I don’t think she was ever on Trick or Treat

  41. From now on the comments section for this blog entry will be closed, as I feel it no longer needs to be debated.

    Thank you for all your comments, and I hope you stick around.


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