Desktop Wallpaper

After months of looking round for the perfect desktop wallpaper, i’ve decided I might as well just make my own.

What’s the picture on your desktop wallpaper of?


8 Responses

  1. your gay that background is gay and frankly if thats you, then you look gay too. If you make anything gayer than this I will kill you with a gun. fag faggot faggity fag fag!

  2. Calm down. It’s Gruff!

  3. I’ve got to say, that is the best comment i’ve ever seen on anything, ever. PLEASE write some more!

  4. ooowch man!!

    my desktop wallpaper is people having sex 🙂

  5. I have the same….lol
    I like sex so much

  6. sex için güzel resimm

    hele benim için

  7. nice picture and it cover it cover the whith dress

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