Slave to the Blog

In the last year or so Blogs have gradually become more and more popular, with people wanting to share experiences, opinions and memories.

Posting on this thing is something I do almost every day, but as well as that I also check other peoples. There is now 5+ blogs I read regularly, and even more that I occasionally pay a visit to to see what’s changed.

As well as this one, I also have a livejournal account that I post personal things on, and only one person has the address to that.

It seems now that probably 70% of my internet usage is just reading other peoples blogs. How many blogs do you read, and what do you like about having your own?


One Response

  1. My adopted fraternal twin sister told me to join xanga. I did, only because i wanted to comment on her blog. Now she i so busy with nursing school that she doesn’t comment on mine nor update her own. I keep writing though — i love writing, if just for myself. I used to keep journals as a kid — i mean, i had 15 or 20 volumes of them, but i’ve found typing is the only way i can keep up with my thoughts.

    I honestly wish more of my friends blogged, because none of us have time to talk, and certianly not to tell the story over and over again. Its eaiser, to post it once, with all your little nuances, and without interruption. But i also really love chatting — each window with its own conversation. I was addicted to chats in college. I chatted everyone. I talked more to people from my old highschool, then when i was actually in highschool.

    Take care,

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