It’s occured to me recently that TV has in actual fact, become a pathetically important part of peoples lives.
There’s TV’s in the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom, and even in some cases, the bathroom.

Even when someone’s focus isn’t directly on watching the TV, they feel the need to have it on the background. Why? Background noise.
It’s a sad state of affairs when people can’t bring themselves to spend 10 minutes not watching the TV.

People would rather watch other people’s boring, pathetic lives on their TV than take part in their own.
Did you know that the launch of the new series of Big Brother in 2006 got 8 million viewers?
It does make me wonder how the lives of those viewers could be improved if instead of watching gormless attention seekers, they just switched off the TV and read a book. Perhaps then they might have gained a bit of fucking knowlege and culture.

That is why, starting tomorrow, I will be spending one week without television. Instead I will be reading books, having conversations…yes! Actual conversations! Y’know, with words and that?


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  1. life without TV… FOR A WEEK! Are you mad? I mean a day or two sure… BUT A WEEK?

    Good luck with your quest!

  2. no, she’s not mad… I totally agree with her… Even further, why one week? why not one month? hehe… TV is not a need…

    Well.. tv can be a good and important source for news actually…

    It’s not the TV that’s at fault, it’s the people who make useless and apathetic programmes who should be blamed… However, they also can’t be wholly blamed… There are people who actually want to watch these crap…

    They just serve what the masses want…

    Just sharing… Have a nice day!

  3. Right now it is tempting to put the TV on as I usually would in the morning. There isn’t really much happening in the house so I can’t think of anything else to do.
    However i’ve just looked through the listings, and it’s just a load of crappy day time TV on. I figured that I don’t need to watch that, and I don’t like it anyway, so the TV stays off.

    However the stuff I do like is Channel 4 documentaries, which I usually learn a lot from. So if one of those is on this week I will allow myself to watch it, just because it is worth it.

  4. Yeah, screw telly. It’s all Noel Edmonds and doing up your house celebrity dance-off contests anyway.

  5. […] My week without TV Recently I decided to spend a whole week without watching any television. […]

  6. You can do it — we moved into a new place and couldn’t pick up TV signals with our old antenna, and too broke at the move to pay for cable, and then later, decided altogether we didn’t care for TV enough to have another monthly bill.

    So, how did your experiment fare?

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