My week without TV

Recently I decided to spend a whole week without watching any television.

Monday started off well. If I felt like watching TV, i’d check the listings, and if there was nothing on of particular interest, I didn’t watch it.

Tuesday was the same, I was dying to watch cartoons like I normally do in the morning, but there was none on so I didn’t.
That night I did watch a few things on the BBC iPlayer, but I thought this was okay, because at least I was watching something specific and not just watching TV for the hell of it.

Wednesday and Thursday I slipped a bit. I was a big hungover and not in a very good mood and just stuck the TV on to grab my attention for a few hours.

I can’t remember what happened on Friday.

But even though I didn’t spend a whole week without TV, I have proven to myself that I don’t need it on all the time.
Yesterday, without even thinking about it, I didn’t watch it. I’d first check the listings, if there was nothing on, I wouldn’t bother.

In other news: tomorrow = BIRTHDAY.


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