Sian Lloyd, i’m disappointed in you (and how much I hate Lembit Opik)

Back in 2006 it was announced that TV weather girl and fellow welshian Sian Lloyd and her husband to be Lembit Opik had ended their relationship. I wasn’t that bothered, to be honest. I had barely heard of either of them and didn’t even know they were together.

However during the coming months I gradually started to become a bit pissed off with that Opik guy. Obviously having some sort of midlife crisis, breaking up with that lovely weather lady to get it on with some skanky reality show looser.

A while later and I saw an episiode of Richard and Judy which just angered me even more. Lembit sitting on their sofa, with a cheeky girl either side, thinking he was it. They asked him to play harmonica, he said no and acted like he really didn’t want to. They asked again, he then whipped out the harmonica and played as if his life depended on this. It was painfully obvious that he was planning to play it anyway, and would have been upset if they hadn’t asked. Oh fuck off Lembit, you massive twat.

My hatred of him only continued when I saw him on the Sport Relief version of the Apprentice. He proved he was cowardly and very shit. The scene with him phoning up his half his age girlfriend, and then afterwards saying “she’s soooo lovely” just made me want to vomit over my own mother.

Today I turned on the TV to see his ex-lady Sian Lloyd sitting with the people of This Morning. She was plugging her new book, an autobiography just like any other celebrity book, full of bitching about how other people have done them over and oh, pity me.
Even though I want her to defend herself, I really disagree with anyone who sells their version of events in this way. I do like the fact she’s writing a book about her life, rather than selling her morals and letting some scummy newspaper twist her words and make her look like a slag, but I still don’t agree with it.

It annoys me the way any celebrity thinks we want to know about their private life. Why do they think they’re so special that we’re going to pay money to hear about their seedy lives? Oh, wait, probably because knowing about celebrities not-so-private lives is a multi million pound industry, and we, the public, buy into it.

We should be fans of celebrities because of the music they record, the films they act in, NOT because of who they are fucking. We don’t want to know, we don’t need to know.


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