My Shoes

Today I was planning to write about people putting their private lives in their blogs, but you should know by now that I will do anything to get away with not doing a proper blog entry.

I saw on whatigotsofar that he was blogging about his shoes. I am going to do the same.

These are my Vans. I wear these most of the time. They are the sexiest looking trainers i’ve ever had (not that i’ve bought, I kindly got them bought for me, although I will eventually pay them back) regardless of the mud all over them.

My Daddy bought these boots for me. I wore them about twice and then forgot about them, until the other day when I wore them to go out and realised how nice they are. I am determined to start wearing them more.

I got these for my ROA (prom) back in school. I don’t wear these often, only when going out places nice, like. They hurt my feets.

Don’t you think these look like Witches shoes? I got these in January for a job interview. They’re shit and rubbish.

I got some new 3/4 lengths and didn’t have any shoes to wear with them so I bought these. They don’t fit very well and are annoying. It’s unknown wether or not i’ll wear them in the summer.

I got these to go to a wedding when I was about 14. Haven’t worn them since.

My Swears! I got these during a goffic phase when I was 13. I haven’t wore them in a few years, but after seeing my friend Llinos wearing them a few days ago (and looking sexy in them) i’ve decided to start wearing them again somtimes (in the right situations).

There were a few more, but they’re ones that are even more shit and rubbish and that I don’t wear anymore.

Well, this has been interesting.


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  1. What the heck are those last pair? Are those some sort of orthopedic shoes to correct your posture or something?

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