Private life (on the interwebz!!11)

Having a blog is (sometimes) a good thing. You can write about what you want, when you want. So when I had a lot of stuff on my mind last Christmas, I needed somewhere to write it, which I decided would be here.

I knew people were reading it, which I didn’t exactly like. I try to be a privtate person, so the thought of random internet people knowing my deepest, darkest thoughts scares me a bit.

This led to me writing kind of cryptically, I wanted to get things off my chest, but I didn’t want people to know exactly what was going on in my personal life.

After writing a particularly whingy post, I sent the link to my friend, just so he could see what I was feeling. He suggested I get a livejournal so he could he could read about things more easily, also I would get access to his diary.
At first I was weary, i’d had a livejournal before and I knew it was pretty rubbish, but i set up an account anyway, with the idea that even if I write in it once a week it might be helpfull.

I can honestly say this was one of the best things i’ve ever done. I can write in as much detail as I want about all the worries I have and the stuff on my mind, and only my friend can see it.
This means I can get all my worries out of my mind in almost complete private, yet I can still get comfort and advice from a friend about what’s happening.

Definatly get one.


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  1. i’ve been looking for something exactly like that…. i know on myspace you can set it to only ‘friends’ see it, and you can do that with xanga too

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