One of the worst programmes ever

This evening and I massivly hungover and annoyed at the world.
TV is the only thing that make me feel slightly better tonight.

I saw this listed as being on BBC 2 today and thought it looked interesting.

“Clinical psychologist Dr Tanya Byron asks why we judge some expressions of sexual desire as eccentric but within normal bounds, and condemn others as repugnant and dangerous”

After about 5 minutes I realised this programme had definatly been discribed wrongly. It should have been “Clinical psychology and snobby bitch Dr Tanya Byron goes around London patronizing people and looking openly disgusted as they talk to her about their private lives.”

I would have enjoyed that programme 100% more if she’d been impartial, documenting these people rather than ridiculing them.

The only part of it that I actually liked was when she sat down with a convicted pepeadophile who talked openly and honestly to her about his sexual desires and what he feels is normal. After about ten minutes she just tells him his problems are down to his past and childhood. What a fucking cop out.
He rightly told her where to go. For years he’s been seeing psychologists and doctors and they work tirelessly together to figure out the root of the problem, and she thinks she’s solved it by stating something that’s blatantly obvious and we’ve all realised anyway.

This is her. Let’s throw darts at her.


4 Responses

  1. I wish I’d watched that. Is it still on iPlayer?

  2. *thunk* My dart got her between the eyes, in that vacant space where her brain is?

    Oh no! The Air is Leaking Out!

  3. Kim: If I throw a dart from behind her and hit her in the head, will she deflate entirely?

  4. I don’t know — that smile has an awful lot of collagen.

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