The story of Otto

Many years ago, when I was younger, my Brother and my Uncle went for a day out at the Chestnut Center Otter and Owl Sanctuary. When they came back, my brother had a present for me. He’d bought me a small stuffed Otter, which I named Otto (as I was so young I didn’t even know this was a name then) and he was my ultimate favourite toy. I’d take him EVERYWHERE with me, and if I had a bunch of toys around he always got preferential treatment, such as getting to sleep next to me in bed or sit next to me in the car.

As the years went by, he got a little worn, his whiskers are bent from where I used to chew them, his fur is a bit matted and his white stomach is a little yellow. But despite this, he still gets to sit on my bedside table, rather than the drawer under my bed that most of my other old stuffed toys are banished to.

Anyway, today my dad was doing a carboot sale to get rid of old stuff, so I went along to help him. At the end of the day when people started to pack up and leave, there was a few boxes around the field full of stuff people couldn’t sell and didn’t really want to take home with them. It’s usually old ornaments and stuff that just generally isn’t worth keeping.

Today though, as I was leaving, there was something a bit special in one of the boxes. I found another Otto! Someone had left him there to be thrown away with the rubbish.

He’s a lot younger than Otto, his fur is still smooth and his whiskers are unbent, but there’s no denying that they came from the same place.

The problem though is what to do with him, I don’t have enough room to keep him. Even if I did, he’d be banished to the drawer under my bed. Perhaps I could give it to my neice/nephew so they can have as much fun with their Otter as I did with mine?

I don’t know. IDEAZ PLZ.


3 Responses

  1. I was never allowed my own Otto when I was small 😦

  2. Well Otters are quite vicious.

  3. Why can’t Otto have an adopted brother?

    I recently found the teddy bear my grandma gave me when I was 7… thought he had gotten lost in the move. Turned out he was packed accidentally with cupcake pans nobody uses anymore (thank goodness for cleaning out the basement)!

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