Apparently, they’re not here to make friends

The only thing I hate more than Reality TV, is Americans.


4 Responses

  1. The terrifying thing about the people who watch and take part in reality television is that this really is how they see the world.

    FUCK ‘EM!

    ..oh and babe, do you mean you hate all Americans or just the one’s who don’t read your blog?

  2. Surely hating all Americans, and hating all Americans that don’t read my blog is the same thing?

  3. Now, now, dear. Let’s sit down and trade stories about dumb Americans and thick brits. Spain is usually ass-deep in tourists from Blighty, and 7/10ths of them are too dense to be told to fuck off.

    (Oh, that’s Lee here-I’m going to be using my alter ego on the web from now on.)

    James, educate this woman…

  4. Oh come on — I don’t touch those programs with a ten foot pole. Don’t’ judge me by the stupid fucktards I’m surrounded by! *sadness!*

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