Realising true beauty? It’s never gonna happen

How many times have you read an article like this?

Yet another magazine trying to change peoples opinions on what they think is real beauty. Yet another magazine trying to get it into womens heads that skinny isn’t beautiful. But is it working? Well, no. And in my opinion, it never will.

We’ve all seen this type of article time and time again, and yet women feel the same, that they would look better as a size ten or smaller. And is it any suprise really?
Some magazines are slowly beginning to realise that people like it when they use plus sized models, because it makes them feel better about how they look. But it isn’t really the magazines that matter. A few weeks ago my Mother mistakenly bought me a magazine that is typically targeted towards 12-16 year olds, and although flicking through it was painfull for my mind, I did notice one thing.

Every model in the advertising for the magazine, were size 10 and airbrushed.

That IS the norm now. For everyone. We compare ourselves to them, because they’re normal. Men want them, we want to be them.

In that original article, it states that “58% men wanted [their partners] to stay the same”. Bearing in mind, on average, their partner is 10 stone, or a size 12/14.
Yet more men pretending they’d rather have a curvy wife, and someone real. Yet this as fake as the models above.
Does nobody out there agree that they’re only saying this, because they kind of have to say it?
When Gok Wan displays a big picture in London of the latest size 16 woman he’s working with and he asks passing Males what they think, how slated would someone get if they said “She’s disgusting, she needs to lose weight” ?
No, instead they come out with the usual lines of “she’s lovely and curvy. Great bum”. Yet I doubt they’d actually prove this by chatting her up in the pub.

One of the very few things that make plus sized women today feel better about themselves, and that all is not lost, is the fact that men seem to be waking up to the fact that curvy is better. But yet again, can we believe this?
When the news of Chloe Marshall the plus sized model was posted, for every positive comment that was posted, it was counteracted by several negative ones, usually from men.
It just doesn’t seem likely that any time soon, men are completly going to accept bigger women for what they are. I mean, think of this way. A man is in a nightclub and spots two women, one a size 8, one a size 16. Which do you think he’s likely to go home with? It’s human nature to see the smaller woman as fit and healthy, even though the size 16 women is more a representative of what Britiain is like today.

So if you’re starting to think that the media (and men) of Britain are starting to become more acceping, just think if what they say is what they really mean, or if it’s what other people want them to say.


3 Responses

  1. Men seek beauty and women money. Neither, apparently, will ever change.

  2. This article appears to be shooting for realism but is clearly way off target. Firstly, “skinny is attractive” is a relatively new cultural phenomenon beginning in the 1960’s, previous to this curvy women were pictured and idolised much more, and previous to photography much curvier women (in today’s standards – fat) were painted (think of how beauty was depicted in renaissance art). Secondly, these trends are exclusively Western; they are not shared by the rest of the world. Thirdly, a size 10 is not the so called ‘norm’ (for evidence look up the concept of naturally occurring normal distribution), I believe the average size of Western women is between a 14 and 16. Fourthly, the writers’ ability to talk on behalf of ‘men’ is clearly loaded with personal hang ups and nothing more. I think if we were to ask ‘men’ about how attractive various body shapes are the responses would vary considerably, and would be based upon previous girlfriends, mothers and upbringing. The evidence this blogger uses to deny all of the above is simply that they are able to cut through the psyche of men to expose what they all actually think (despite what they say!) and nothing more. I think this is a reflection of the blogger’s psyche and not of that of ‘men’.

    I’d suggest that slimness and confidence are in some way correlated; slimmer women generally have more confidence about their bodies because they fit our current image of beauty, and it is their confidence that is attractive to people.
    Finally, I would just like to point out that despite skinniness currently being a fashionable body type there are not a group of fat single people who are waiting for fashion to change before they find a partner – once talking to someone we generally forget how they look, or they begin to look differently to us depending on whether we like them as a person. Moronic, shallow attitudes turn people off – bad news for this blogger – lets hope they’re skinny.

  3. i agree and disagree with some points made in this blog. Yes some people prefer skinnier but some guys do prefer curvier. not everyone has the same taste. Maybe a guy goes for the size 8 because maybe, just maybe she shows she has more confidence or her clothes may look better because the size 16 may not have that confidence or may not buy nice clothes because she may feel she doesn’t look good in them. Think about it . wouldn’t a size 8 have alot more confidence than a size 16. and doesn’t confidence make a girl look heaps more attractive? and could it possibly be how a girl dresses and the way she fixes herself up to a guy wanting her? does it really matter whats underneath all that?

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