Taking the internet seriously

After spending time with someone who does the internet properly, i’ve decided to follow.

I’ve changed the theme of Firefox to make it a bit fresher and nicer to look at, i’ve also added a new sidebar with all my RSS feeds on so i’m updated as soon as something changes.

I’d also appreciate it if someone recommended some good podcasts or video blogs for me to add to it.


A small update

I’ve been working on a few blog entries, but got fed up with them half way through and have saved them to work on later. It’s unknown whether i’ll bother to actually post them or not.

It’s been really sunny here lately, so i’ve been lying outside on the grass a lot. I’ve sadly gotten aquired some red and itchy sunburn which isn’t very nice, but it’s a small price to pay for the lovely weather.

I’ve just finished booking tickets for Thursday, when i’m going up to see James again. We’re going to do CAMPING in a TENT and I can’t wait. I’m really excited.

And now I have to leave due to College commitments.

Big blog entries coming soon. Maybe.

Private life (on the interwebz!!11)

Having a blog is (sometimes) a good thing. You can write about what you want, when you want. So when I had a lot of stuff on my mind last Christmas, I needed somewhere to write it, which I decided would be here.

I knew people were reading it, which I didn’t exactly like. I try to be a privtate person, so the thought of random internet people knowing my deepest, darkest thoughts scares me a bit.

This led to me writing kind of cryptically, I wanted to get things off my chest, but I didn’t want people to know exactly what was going on in my personal life.

After writing a particularly whingy post, I sent the link to my friend, just so he could see what I was feeling. He suggested I get a livejournal so he could he could read about things more easily, also I would get access to his diary.
At first I was weary, i’d had a livejournal before and I knew it was pretty rubbish, but i set up an account anyway, with the idea that even if I write in it once a week it might be helpfull.

I can honestly say this was one of the best things i’ve ever done. I can write in as much detail as I want about all the worries I have and the stuff on my mind, and only my friend can see it.
This means I can get all my worries out of my mind in almost complete private, yet I can still get comfort and advice from a friend about what’s happening.

Definatly get one.

It’s me and that


Poster from James!

Howgoodisthat decided to make me a poster for my birthday (which is on Thursday – didn’t you know?) and it is ACES.


I love it!!

Slave to the Blog

In the last year or so Blogs have gradually become more and more popular, with people wanting to share experiences, opinions and memories.

Posting on this thing is something I do almost every day, but as well as that I also check other peoples. There is now 5+ blogs I read regularly, and even more that I occasionally pay a visit to to see what’s changed.

As well as this one, I also have a livejournal account that I post personal things on, and only one person has the address to that.

It seems now that probably 70% of my internet usage is just reading other peoples blogs. How many blogs do you read, and what do you like about having your own?

STOP…..Banner time

As you can see the blog has been burdened with a brand new banner.

I say burdened because it was meant to look a lot better (with pics of Cows and Gruff Rhys) but my lack of imagination and photoshop skills made it damn near impossible.

But nevermind, I think it says what I want it to say.

In other news: Today I officially became an internet stalker, hurrah!
I’m going to go and leave the house now.