How Sweet is That?

Today I came home from an extremly stressing day at College to find a parcel waiting for me. I knew who it was from, but I didn’t know what it was.

I opened it up to find a present from my lovely James, along with 7 very special words (which will be staying in my head).

Lully isn’t it?


New in the “things I learnt today” section

Don’t try clothes on when you’re in a bad mood or upset about something. It’s unlikely that your frame of mind is suddenly going to change and you’ll think “yeah, that looks good.”

Instead wait until something has brightened up your day. In my case, good music. Then when you’re feeling better, try the clothes on again for another look. You’ll find they might not look as bad this time around.

Also find a nice boyfriend that makes you feel instantly better with just by hearing his voice.



A few months ago I was green with envy when a friend told me he was going to see Pendulum live.

Now, i’m not really into Drum ‘n’ Bass. In fact I hate most of it. My brother likes to play it loud and I feel like i’m having my head kicked in.
But Pendulum are like the Prodigy. You don’t have to be into that kind of music to like them. The music just makes you happy, whatever your tastes.

In the past few weeks i’d been hearing loads of people talking about the new album they’ve just released. I wasn’t really bothered about hearing it so I didn’t download it or buy it.

But today my brother told me some amazing news. Pendulum are going to be playing in the pub just down the road from me. Yes, that’s right. Pendulum are coming to sleepy North Wales. £5,000 is being paid to have them here. And my brother is the one designing the fliers.

To celebrate he burnt me a copy of their new album “In Silico” and it is BRILLIANT.

From the very first song you just know it’s going to be good.

How many days?


Absolute Poetry

~Zahrim~ says:
how is you bitch?
Lucy says:
not bad fanks
Lucy says:
~Zahrim~ says:
im cooler than a cucumber in a frigid womans happy place

Brings a tear to your eye.

James are lully.

Sometimes, only fluffeh will do.

Instant fucking happiness.