New in the “things I learnt today” section

Don’t try clothes on when you’re in a bad mood or upset about something. It’s unlikely that your frame of mind is suddenly going to change and you’ll think “yeah, that looks good.”

Instead wait until something has brightened up your day. In my case, good music. Then when you’re feeling better, try the clothes on again for another look. You’ll find they might not look as bad this time around.

Also find a nice boyfriend that makes you feel instantly better with just by hearing his voice.



Absolute Poetry

~Zahrim~ says:
how is you bitch?
Lucy says:
not bad fanks
Lucy says:
~Zahrim~ says:
im cooler than a cucumber in a frigid womans happy place

Brings a tear to your eye.

James are lully.

It’s me and that



When did this happen? When did it get so big? It only seems like last month that they told us they were having a baby, now look at it. Only eight weeks to go!

Oh, and I copped a feel.

When Snap gets angry!

(I’m the one on the right)

I never knew I was so important

People are giving me my own headlines now.