Post Postcrossing

It’s always a strange thing when you stumble across a website, by chance, and wonder why the hell you’ve never seen it before.

A few weeks ago a friend on Twitter mentioned if anyone took part in Postcrossing. Thinking it must be some kind of infamous sexual act, I didn’t reply but instead searched Google for some blackmail-rich information.

That was when I found and wondered why i’d never seen or heard of it before, despite it being online for at least 5 years.

The aim of this website is “to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free.” Basically, you ask to “send a postcard” and Postcrosser provides you a random name and address of one of their 116,769 members. You then write your postcard, send it off, and wait for another randomly picked participant to send one to you. Brilliant.

The best part of the website in my opinion however, is the fact that when you are given a random address to send to, a small image of Google maps appears, showing how far your postcard is going to travel. Wether it’s going to Finland or America, it’s still great knowing that this small picture of your hometown that you’ve scrawled on the back of is going to be on another part of the world in a few days time.

Try it. Yes, you will tens of postcard littering your desk from then on, but if you’re lucky enough to receive one from me, it’ll have Hello Kitty shiny stickers on it and everything.



The best Sims 2 download sites

As much as I like playing the Sims 2, I enjoy decorating the homes a lot more.
And one thing I noticed with the release of the second Sims game, is that the official website very rarely offers free object downloads, like it used to.

Fear not though, as there are plenty of fansites out there to supply endless supplies of clothing and furniture. Here’s the best of them:

The Sims Resource
Much of the content available on this site is for paid subscribers only, but if there are plenty of good free downloads too.
Everything is seperated into sections such as “Clothing”, “Accessories”, “Pets”, “Floors” etc, and the search criteria is very specific. If you only have one or two expansion packs but not the rest, you can filter the packs you don’t have out of the search, so all the downloads available are the ones you are able to use.
This site is not just for content, it also features a forum, online support, screenshots and stories.

Mod the Sims 2
Although the layout isn’t as easy to navigate as other sites, the content is there in abundance. And from what I can see, most of it is free. With a lot of the objects (and certainly sets) the creator has taken time out to provide a detailed summery of the dowloads in question, letting you know if there’s something specific you must also download.
The site also has some brilliant tutorials, to help you learn how to create your own homes, clothes or furniture.

Around the Sims 2
This site has got a very slick feel to it, which makes it nice to look at and easy to find your way around. As well as being able to download files individually, where available you can also download the whole set of furniture to save time. Although the objects themselves are good quality, there isn’t really much of it. Definatly worth a visit though, as the objects. clothes and looks they do have are of very high standard.

A very professional site that’s been running for as long as I can remember. Everything on the site is “100% free” (they said so themselves) and is of brilliant quality.
You browse the objects by selecting a room, and then download the objects either individually or as a set. This is a very nice site to use, because of the content but also because of the layout and colours.

Oh….oh my God…

Bass guitar…Stereophonics artwork….*spluffs*

Have you seen what i’ve got!?

I’m just stupidly lucky.

Flight of the Conchords – Ladies of the World

Exclusive YouTube premier: the new Flight of the Conchords song, Ladies of the World, from their self titled LP.



A few months ago I was green with envy when a friend told me he was going to see Pendulum live.

Now, i’m not really into Drum ‘n’ Bass. In fact I hate most of it. My brother likes to play it loud and I feel like i’m having my head kicked in.
But Pendulum are like the Prodigy. You don’t have to be into that kind of music to like them. The music just makes you happy, whatever your tastes.

In the past few weeks i’d been hearing loads of people talking about the new album they’ve just released. I wasn’t really bothered about hearing it so I didn’t download it or buy it.

But today my brother told me some amazing news. Pendulum are going to be playing in the pub just down the road from me. Yes, that’s right. Pendulum are coming to sleepy North Wales. £5,000 is being paid to have them here. And my brother is the one designing the fliers.

To celebrate he burnt me a copy of their new album “In Silico” and it is BRILLIANT.

From the very first song you just know it’s going to be good.

Unkie Marky

Click for a big one.

It took me three hours. I’ve already told him that if he doesn’t like it, i’ll rip his fucking kneecaps off.