As I sit here in my little foldy up chair, we’ve just finished putting the tent up and are now bathing in our bag of glory.

The perfect food to test out your new camping stove is a cup a soup, which seems to be advertised towards the busy housewife, with slogans such as “just finished the ironing a soup” whored all over the packet. As I don’t believe that this is how housewives really behave, I’ve thought up my own alternative names.

1) “just been fucked over the dining room table a soup”.
2) “I’ve spent the last ten minutes sitting on the washing machine a soup”.
3) “the builder came round to start on our new conservatory but ended up showing me his tool in the bedroom a soup”.
4) “my husband is obviously fucking his secretary a soup”.



When did this happen? When did it get so big? It only seems like last month that they told us they were having a baby, now look at it. Only eight weeks to go!

Oh, and I copped a feel.

My Top Ten (plus) Guys [revisited]

I am a very fickle person and change interests regularly, including my interest in the opposit sex.

My post on my Top Ten (plus) Guys is one of my most popular posts in terms of visitors, so i’ve decided to redo it.

I’ve added more men, and taken some out. I might have to revisit again in the future, but for now I think it’s accurate.

Visit it here

Hairy ladies

A rather large shaving cut on my leg has made me wonder once again why I do it.

Having hair is natural, from when we used to be massive, hairy Apes. So why did women first decide to start shaving? And why is having hair on our arms and legs repulsive, and yet we style and dye the stuff on our head?

I don’t like having hairy legs. I once had to let it grow in order to have it waxed a few weeks later. It was itchy and horrible and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. My other half said that he honestly didn’t mind them being hairy, but my guess was that secretly he was also glad the hair would soon be gone.

A few months ago a woman on Richard and Judy was starting a campaign to try and get hairy models, and for women to be proud of their hair. I’m not sure wether I agree with this or not.
Like I said, having hair on our bodies is perfectly natural, and yet for some reason Society has made it seem like soemthing to be ashamed of.

Women – do you mind being hairy?
Men – what do you think of hairy girls, and do you shave your own body hair?

P.S – don’t search for “Hairy Woman” in Google with safe search off, unless you want to be flashed a prime peice of British muff.