Post Postcrossing

It’s always a strange thing when you stumble across a website, by chance, and wonder why the hell you’ve never seen it before.

A few weeks ago a friend on Twitter mentioned if anyone took part in Postcrossing. Thinking it must be some kind of infamous sexual act, I didn’t reply but instead searched Google for some blackmail-rich information.

That was when I found and wondered why i’d never seen or heard of it before, despite it being online for at least 5 years.

The aim of this website is “to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free.” Basically, you ask to “send a postcard” and Postcrosser provides you a random name and address of one of their 116,769 members. You then write your postcard, send it off, and wait for another randomly picked participant to send one to you. Brilliant.

The best part of the website in my opinion however, is the fact that when you are given a random address to send to, a small image of Google maps appears, showing how far your postcard is going to travel. Wether it’s going to Finland or America, it’s still great knowing that this small picture of your hometown that you’ve scrawled on the back of is going to be on another part of the world in a few days time.

Try it. Yes, you will tens of postcard littering your desk from then on, but if you’re lucky enough to receive one from me, it’ll have Hello Kitty shiny stickers on it and everything.