My Favourite Welsh People

Most Welsh people (i’m saying most because Lewys is Welsh and sometimes he is mean to me) are lovely, so i’ve decided to make a little list of my favourites. I’m not putting them in top-ten format because already this is a bit like my top ten men mcthing.

Rhys Ifans

You’ll most likely know him as Spike, the gormless flatmate from Notting Hill, but for me, the best thing he’s done is Twin Town, which is a Brilliant film.
Coming very close is his role in the Mamma Told Me Not to Come video with Tom Jones and Stereophonics, just because I bet he crawls along the floor in bars looking up womens skirts in real life.

Tom Jones

You knew he’d be on the list somewhere, so I thought I might as well get on it with it. He’s obviously an amazing singer and a Welsh end-0f-leg. He paved the way for Welsh musicans and singers, and as a lot of my core favourite bands are from Wales, that I thank him for. I also heard he’s hung like a horse. That is of little relevance.

Michall Sheen

Starring as Tony Blair in the 2006 film The Queen, not many people actually know that Michall Sheen was Welsh, but he was actually born in Newport.
Watch him in The Queen and you might not be particularly impressed, but then go and watch him as Kenneth Williams in Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa! and you’ll see how diverse he really is.

I’m getting bored of this now.
I’ll just do a list.

The Welsh rugby Team
Super Furry Animals
Manic Street Preachers

The Welsh teachers in my school
All the other Welsh people I know

Remind me not to start another one of these lists again.


2 Responses

  1. My name is Barrie Evans, US citizen, with heritage split equally between Welsh, Scottish, German and Swedish. It’s always been my dad’s side, the Scottish-Welsh with whom I identify the most.

    Now that the background is out of the way, the question is: How do I make myself more Welsh?

    Bonus question: What will additional Welshness do for me?


  2. Hi there.
    I think Welsh people are HOT Lol. Seriously there are these welsh boys coming to my school, and I can’t wait to see them. MMMMM YUMMY. But Yeah I wouldn’t mind hooking up with a welsh boy.

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