The other day I was looking at various pictures and videos i’d taken over the weekend. One was of James and Mark doing some song on Singstar, when WHATTHEFUCKISTHAT.

I don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal, i’m a total skeptic, but seriously, what. the. fuck. was. that.

I saw a face. I’m sure I saw a face.

I put it on YouTube to see if anyone could give me logical, rational explanation for this scary.

The best comment left on Facebook was: “Someone is smoking near the camera”. Then I remembered, I was totally having a fag at the time.


Me and James in the Lakes

Incase you haven’t seen them on his blog, here is the videos of me and James in the Lake District. Enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two:

I’m back

It has been a very busy few days. On Thursday I went up to visit James and we spent a lovely few days in the Lake District and I had so much fun. Pics can be found on this site, his Flickr or my Facebook.

Also, while I was there my Sister-in-Law gave birth to my new Nephew, Ryan, who looks absolutly gorgeous, though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet. Tomorrow will be the day!

Have you seen what i’ve got!?

I’m just stupidly lucky.

I quite fancy Badly Drawn Boy

I once worked in a Cafe down the road. Well, I say worked, if a customers order was more than a cup of tea and a sandwich I used to have to get someone else to make it.

Anyway, one day my Mum came home saying there had been a musician there that day (my Mum worked at the cafe too), but she couldn’t remember what he was called. The woman who owned the place got his autograph anyway.

A few days later my mum remembered that it was Badly Drawn Boy. The cafe is only about 5 minutes away from my house and yet she didn’t even bother to come and get me. I’m so disappointed.

Flight of the Conchords – Ladies of the World

Exclusive YouTube premier: the new Flight of the Conchords song, Ladies of the World, from their self titled LP.